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    A Junglist Christmas

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    the hallowe'en spice at koolHAUS

    Patrick has a viable point. I've always avoided parties there b/c of the poor organization...and juice monkey freak bouncers
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    R.I.P. Huey

    I had the opportunity to hang out with Huey a few times over coffee. More than anything else, he was so much FUN...a total joy to be around. Having lost touch, this news is very saddening. My respects to his friends and family - he was an amazing person. Kelli
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    Dealer etiquette

    That's hysterical! "Can I see some certification please" - ha ha!
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    The Under Rated Producer Thread

    trap - set and sprung. Nice to see that someone has superceded for the title of #1 shit disturber (see page 1 - papa didn't want to mention names at all) Peace
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    Hullabaloo - Digital Outlaws

    Is that some kind of a joke - WTF
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    Nightmare B4 Xma$$

    pics??? (some guys flashed my chest from out of nowhere...care to post...?)
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    Nightmare B4 Xma$$

    Wow - what an amazing night! I usually do my fair share of complaining when it's necessary and people are always like "shut up...quit bitching...whatdya expect...blah blah". But in the case of nightmare I always expect the same thing consistently: a fast moving line-up, room to dance, and a...
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    UGLY Avril Lavigne pic?!?!?!?!

    I think natural and unexpected pictures like this captures a person's real beauty. As far as I'm concerned, this is one of the hottest (and most real) pictures I've seen of her. Very cute!
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    'Culture of Fear'

    Okay you got me (no snide remarks)...what I also mean is has anyone read and is it as entertaining/well researched as the Moore literature? Thanks Adam! (btw: I've checked in numerous bookstores to no avail..)
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    'Culture of Fear'

    Anyone know where I can find a copy of this book (by Glassner I think). Oprah mentioned this topic briefly during her Michael Moore interview for those of you who caught the "go see Bowling..." edition Thanks. Special K':)
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    Worst sex you've had...

    in a car....:)
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    Worst sex you've had...

    I wanna try!
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    "Can we trust the Canadians?"

    it really pisses me off that we have troops risking their life in the gulf and jeopardizing our own relations with other US-hating nations and the US media fails to mention Canada whatsoever!! But a stupid comment like this is made and it's everywhere. Can you say MORON!! (how ironic is that?):mad:
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    Eminem on the EDGE????????

    hot as in...fine!!! he's 30, btw; but I would still take him on anyday!