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    I can see why everyone hates Windows 8

    Not quite the extent that you're asking for, but this will help fulfill most wishes: BetterTouchTool BetterTouchTool
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    XBox One: The New Console.

    Woah. I had only ever seen a bit of one youtube video so I didn't realize he plays a character. What a story, very impactful. Thanks for posting.
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    rar/zip extractor for Mac

    My favourite all-in-one for compressed formats is The Archive Browser
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    What are some good alternatives to Wordpress?

    Has anyone tried out LocomotiveCMS is an open source CMS for Rails ? Looks pretty interesting.
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    SimCity 5

    And?! Thoughts?!
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    Windows 8: Do I click the fish?

    This article about storage spaces is a disappointing, that was one of the big selling points for me. Storage Spaces explained: a great feature, when it works | Ars Technica I think I may still try updating my home server with it though. Has anyone done much reading about SMB 3.0?
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    New Macbook Pro Coming?

    Has anyone been by the Apple store? I'd like to know if the new laptops are in to go and check them out.
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    E3 2012

    Watchdogs looks pretty damn slick. Watch Dogs - Game Demo Video [UK] - YouTube
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    2010 13" Macbook Pro 2.4Ghz with 8GB RAM and AppleCare

    The laptop has been babied and is in immaculate shape. I've upgraded the RAM to 8GB so it runs fantastically with Lion (you really do need more than 4 for it to run smoothly). The battery is still at 92% health and has only gone through 78 cycles. Plus I still have Apple Care on it until...
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    Tapco MIX 50 Ultra Compact Mixer

    Also don't need this any longer, in perfect condition, great little desk mixer to control monitor volume. $40 Message here or seanrwcrawford (aht) gmail (doht) com apco MIX 50 Ultra Compact Mixer — Tapco MIX 50 The ultra-compact Mix Series are the answer for budget-conscious folks who...
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    M-Audio Audiophile 2496 Sound card

    Not needed anymore so letting it go, its a great sound card. $70 Message here or seanrwcrawford (aht) gmail (doht) com The Audiophile 2496 embodies a quantum leap in computer audio fidelity and performance unequaled by other audio cards in its price range. This critically acclaimed...
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    Technics RP-DJ1200A Headphones

    Selling my headphones as I just don't really use them anymore. They're in great condition, perfect for djing. $110 message here or: seanrwcrawford (aht) gmail (doht) com The RP-DJ1200 is designed to fit the needs of the professional DJ, providing excellent sound quality and incredible...
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    Beautiful black leather Knomo "Kobe" messenger bag - $280

    Have owned this for half a year and its in perfect shape, its a beautiful bag but I need a slightly larger model instead. Originally purchased for $380. Located around Bloor & Spadina in downtown Toronto. Kobe from knomo: Official Store | Men's Black Leather Messenger Bag | Stylish 15"...
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    BNIB Automatic programmable pet feeder - $80

    Brand new in the box, never used. Allows for automatic feeding in 1/4 cup allotments, and holds 5 pounds of food. Product site page Message here or seanrwcrawford (aht) gmail (doht) com
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    Media Streaming Thread

    It could possibly be exFAT.