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    Daft Punk

    It seems like an odd concept, over 5000 people entering a massive hall space to watch two small French men who refuse to show their faces play music that doesn't inherently translate well into concert form. Daft Punk made this very clear when they opened in full robot headgear, playing in a...
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    Derrick May

    We got there at about midnight and the crowd was already sizeable though there was definitely room to dance. Unfortunately the opening DJ was awful. He had the bass so high it was just a muffled mess and you could barely hear the mids and the highs at all. Dude, get a friend to tell you how your...
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    ultra spin feb 24

    Em... call me "out of touch", but what the F is a dvdj set?
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    Paranoid Jack @ the Crystal room Feb 10

    Your right...my bad.. Tim is a fav of mine since back in the element days. I must say I was surprised that there wasn't a roll call about this event sooner.
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    Paranoid Jack @ the Crystal room Feb 10

    Just wondering if anyone has been to the Crystal room? If so, how is the venue, crowd, vibe etc. ? Did it used to be LeftbanK? Tim Patrick and Paranoid Jack this friday should be a great night!
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    stanton warriors

    Looking a specific Live mix from last year 24-04-2004 to be exact. It is live from the Garden. I downloaded it from the mixing bowl but it cuts in and out every 5 seconds. The Mix starts with that Ludakris track Roll out, roll out. Would luv to snag a good copy...anyone have this? Any ideas...
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    Meat Katie Live 9/2005 @ Halo, Australia

    link no work dude would luv to download this!!!
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    help..ipod support

    Resetting didn't work i have read all off the stuff on the support web site. There is something wrong with the battery...i think. It just won't re-charge. The icon is on the screen but it is frozen. How long do the batteries usually last before you have to replace them? Do they really...
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    help..ipod support

    My ipod id is shizzled! That crazy sad mac icon is on the screen and i feel so guilty. Like I killed my pet. Does anyone know much about ipods. I called the phone support line but they said my 90 days was up and they would not give me any help even though i am under my 1 year warrenty. I...
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    Ladytron at Gypsy Co-Op

    Reuben and Mira switched off about every 2-3 songs, so just as you were getting into Reuben's groove, Mira would pretty much ignore what was going on, and throw on something random. She couldn't mix at all and unfortunately she did actually try a few times, which was worse than when she just...
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    Cherry Beach events Saturday night the 6th

    The Shift Setup Regarding the Shift's setup, actually the setup was POUNDING for the first bunch of DJs, perhaps a little too much, because unfortunately at some point in either Jon Trembly's or Mike and Aaron's set both of the speakers blew. So while Seth darted off to scoop up some extra...
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    Canada Day @ Boa

    Is Boa serving booze on Thursday night?
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    [Breaks] DJ Shagz - Push The Button Vol 3

    great mix dude...sweet mix. Luv the track selection...right up my alley. I shall be listening to this on my way to sunny miami. THANKS.....frigging luv the ian brown vocals....nice one....................brutha!!!!!!!!!
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    Dylan Rhymes Studio Mix *limited*

    amazing mix this is my fav style of breaks. Wikked!!!!!
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    d-fuse at republik....

    luv d-fuse but at republik? Has anyone been to this club? What is the dealio. I have heard that it is a little ginoish. Any feedback?