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    What to Do In T.O Today?

    i might be to late, but go to the SHOE MUSEUM on Bloor (near spadina) It' s amazing in there. Something different.
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    Million Marijuana March - Sunday, May 5, 2002

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: Fuckin ukranian Easter!!! Bah humbug:mad: :mad: :mad:
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    good movies to see

    I meant to quote Vench, sorry
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    good movies to see

    suspense and just GOOD movies in general:D
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    good movies to see

    what the subject says ^^. I want to see some good movies (rentable ones, not theater ones) So list 'em mmmkay? :rolleyes:
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    Hustlin' Beats @ Opera House

    ok first off id like to say a big HELLO to ya'll, i havent posted here in a while Yah anywhoos back to the topic (i always seem to get off topic) this party was fuckin HYPE!!!! big ups goes to the empire kru all sets were wikkid to George of the jungle ===>> the reason why people kept...
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    Ganja Smile... How was it?

    most of the gsmile kru is POLISH, not that it matters, because i am ukranian (very similar) ummm DJ PYRO who the fuck pulled that shit on you? a GUN? you serious thats just a LIkkle bit extreme in the j.room i guess? megan nice to see ya again, sorry i just could not recognize you (no...
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    Empire One Sound

    aphrodite why werent you allowed to stay past 2:30??? huhuhuh? peese larPISSa
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    ~Serenity~ 5 Deadly Venoms

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    ~Serenity~ 5 Deadly Venoms

    what time did it end? and....was it packed/overcrowded etc..
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    ATM Reunion

    ATM FUCKIN CAN SUCK MY ASSMAR!!! sorry for the nastiness, but that had to of been one of the worst parties of the year. The only GOOD thing about this nite was tech itch & decoders set, nice nice VERY NICE dahk jungle. FUCKIN amazing! (bo!) that is the only thing that put a smile on my face the...
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    Nightmare Reviews

    was it packed? How did ya like the venue?
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    Fuck F3!!! c'mon everybody with me...... yup well just got home from last nite (finally) and well all i have to say, is that it was a good nite 'n all, but FUCK F3. Just like spinsugar mentioned, massive BIg ups goes to all the dj's. Bo! bo! Bo! When they announced that they were going to close...
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    Big Bud

    aight here is my review of the party folks: 10/10 Fuckin amazing party!!!! mad respect goes out to BIGbud...... anywhoo security----> were not tight at all. You could shmoke all the ganja you wanted and yup Music\sets-----> perfect! superb! amazing! excellent! my favourite would have to...
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    J5!!,supernatural!!!,WFBJ!!! wild!

    james wasssup? havent seen you on this board for a loonnnngggg time. Yup i went to this shindig and had a fab-U-lous time. Wikkid shit peace LarPISSa