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Recent content by johnc

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    Toronto Maple Leafs 2013-2014

    Who believes Kessel will sign an extension?
  2. J

    Nhl 2008-09

    now carrie underwood and hillary duff will compete for close-ups on the scoreboard cam.
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    Nhl 2008-09

    another organized crime scandal in Montreal! couldn't happen to a nicer team
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    Nhl 2008-09

    another organized crime scandal in Montreal! couldn't happen to a nicer team
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    Ottawa Senators 08-09

    sens are now doing what is called the Leafs charge. screwing their chance at a good draft by going on a winning streak. i would like to see the players play well until the trade deadline so we can make some moves, stockpile a few draftpicks and get some better players.
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    Younger guys with older girls

    i told you so
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    Pet Insurance - Recommendations?

    has anyone started saving for their pets retirement?
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    budgeting help

    Budget like you always get paid twice a month. Months where you make more money, you pay down debt (short or long term) or bump up savings.
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    Ottawa Senators 08-09

    they have definitely jumped the shark
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    Leafs 08/09 thread

    i am gonna miss him!
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    Nhl 2008-09

    i myself tore up many beer leagues in my day.
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    cellular signal booster

    My cell drops calls in my basement. Has anyone tried a signal booster? http://www.gadgetshack.com/cell-phone-signal-booster-amplifier.html
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    Lisbon.. Portugal

    thanks for the tips, my wife has family there so we are splitting time between a few side trips with most of our time being spent near Porto (with a few beach days in algarve).
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    Lisbon.. Portugal

    i am in lisbon for a weekend on my way out of portugal ... if anyone has any more recent clubbing experiences there, i would appreciate the pointer.
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    installing NID/Demarc