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    Laurent Garnier @ System

    Wow. What a mix. Mixed crowd and really varied and mixed set by Garnier. Did he really play some of that old shit?? I couldn't beleive it! He amazed me. Was it really The Prodigy that he played?? Very cool. His skills on the deck, so simplified but so effective. He really gets into it and dances...
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    DAVE! Detroit 98!!! We were front row centre then and we made it back again, front row centre, standing, grooving and watching Ralph and Florian all night!!! The sound in there was pretty good for a hockey arena. Even right at the front of the stage, we could hear everything but we got a bit...
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    Curt Martin gigs.

    Man come out to my party next week and show me your face. I don't even know who you are foo! You can be the centrefold for the first issue!!!!
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    Curt Martin gigs.

    Kick Magazine has Kurt booked for Techno K2 stay tuned....
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    I just got in a fist fight over 10 cents

    After reading all of this I just have one question. What are your teeth like? Holy Moses!!! Pepsi, M&Ms, sometimes Dubble Bubble, sometimes more than one sugar fix a day?? Good Lord Man!!!! Have you ever had your sugar checked??? I bet your body no longer has to produce it's own insulin as...
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    amen brothers and sisters let us unite fuck the drama head out and support, listen, love, dance and do our thang like we do so well you know who you are
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    New mix & more

    downloaded :) Will listen this evening Gerald on a laptop....you should all check that out at the Bovine TOOONIGHTT!!! cheers J
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    DEMF 2004 countdown.

    You're wrong Zoo Tronic Treatment party at The Works last year was Packed, full tilt. Two rooms!! Greg Gow rocked it. Alan Oldham, Punisher rocked it....and more..... and that was a 10 min death-cab ride, 30-35min hell-walk from Hart Plaza. And do you think Americans don't go to Windsor when...
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    New music I know you're going to dig thread -

    The Postal Service :)
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    New mix & more

    Going to download soooooon and give a listen while I clean mah house. :) oh and Mr. Matrix, can you clarify what exactly is going down at Bovine tomorrow night....??? Laptops? Software? :eek: cheers JJJJJ
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    Official Tech-House Track Of The Summer

    If you're curious, and you should be, Mr. Stewy D will be playing "Housewife" this evening at the Labyrinth Lounge. I'm standing in for Miss Techno Princess as Mr. Oskan's manager for a few days and a few days only. ;) ciao dahlings see you tonigh mwah
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    Attention: JGirlP

    wwwwweeeeeeehooooooo!!! I've seen it. It is damn sexy. Got your pm's, emails, etc. doll face. See ya when you get back. xoxoxo xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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    Official Tech-House Track Of The Summer

    I concur. That's one of the best tracks that Arthur has created since I've known him. There have been many other gems that have unfortunately slipped through the cracks, but thanks to the careful attention from Miss Techno Princess, Jen and many others this track is slowly attaining the status...
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    Siiiiing it Sistah!!!! Hallelujah!!!!
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    Techno room day jobs

    I do graphic design, and production design. I am also a magazine editor/small business owner/operator in training :)