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Recent content by jebac

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    Still in Tokyo, coming back in August to get married! Cannot wait to come back to TO for a bit! It seems that the city has changed so much. I think I have tons of exploring to do. -jebac
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    Wow it has been a whileeeeee I even forgot what I used to sign as! -jebac
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    questions about tokyo

    sooooo, what u wanna know? -jebac
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    Eastern European Locksmiths

    maybe the guy u dealt with doesnt fall into the "slavic" category but rather into the "shitty guy" category besides, i would think that someone like you has already transcended these weak conceptions of nationality -jebac
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    audionews invite!

    can anyone hook me up?? PLZZZZ! :) -jebac
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    song recommendation HELPS

    yo! alright, im looking for a song with a nice and TRIPPY intro around 130-135 BPM. something like ovnimoon - galactic mantra (liquid soul remix) or junkie xl don davis - red pill blue pill. anyone have any recommendations?? thanks in advance! :) -jebac
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    Standard Tip now 20% (WTF)

    be a man and say 俺 -jebac
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    2002 and 2012 NYE Party Plans?

    partied in tokyo like a boss -jebac
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    Now that we found...umm death, what are we gonna do?

    who fucking cares -jebac
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    Where do you people live?

    tokyo life is better -jebac
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    So the cops and ambulance came again

    pics or it didnt happen -jebac
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    Who is most popular and most attractive…

    did you know if you spell deep backwards it spells PEED -jebac
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    Fine International Dining and How to break up with people you love

    today i went to oktoberfest in yokohama... the beer was aflowin and the wind was ablowin, and the german band was a playin while the japanese were aswayin -poet for lifejebac
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    Fine International Dining and How to break up with people you love

    sandwich was awesome but it wasnt enough so i made udon with tsuyu. shit was off the hook. also, today i found out i got all A's for my first semester. double awesome -jebac
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    Fine International Dining and How to break up with people you love

    fuck it im cooking the sandwich -jebac