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    House of Cards - Season 3

    They could so easily.... was a great season, definitely liked the storyline more this season than the last.
  2. J

    Smitherman still gorfing at the public trough

    shouldn't this be in the no one cares? there's no revolt since smitherman's a liberal. :)
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    the dodgiest person you've ever met

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    Long distance move - Info ?

    No surprise! We're also in the same area, looking at a possible shift to the same cities. THe last time I had a cross country move (wpg to toronto), my move came in at 7K, and I have a ton more stuff now. Nothing arrived damaged though, and that included all of the packing as we were on a...
  5. J

    Is this the end of the NDP?

    Take a look at Manitoba.
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    #NDP now in second place nationally according to new polls

    is it just me, or have the greens essentially been irrelevant in any political dialog relating to this election? My bet is they're lucky to get half the votes they did in the last election (and still blank out with zero seats)
  7. J

    Good Fat Burner

    dude, reading your list is enough to make one crack out. That's way too many products to have to think about in a day. Seriously. Though I will say short term if you want to really burn some fat, any EC/ECA stack should kick start it hard... just watch out for the mega crash for a few days...
  8. J

    post photos of black bloc and other vandalizers out of costume

    convincing the fringe protest groups to all denounce violence would be like convincing hullabaloo to become techno only and drug free. not happening in this lifetime or any... its unfortunate though that the stupidity of few is overshadowing legitimate concerns from many
  9. J

    Richie Hawtin needs your help!

    he definitely would have unreleased material on there, I remember the time I had him out for a gig he was already working 1-2 cd's ahead (and had his next cd delivered to the hotel as it was just finished being mastered). always working it seems...
  10. J

    Largest marr in North America

    how many more $2 pirate dvd stores do we really need?
  11. J

    Toronto woman sues Rogers after her affair is exposed

    except for Quebec, in which case she will be praised as a hero, be given a lifetime supply of baguettes and government sponsored day care, and eventually be voted into the provincial legislature.
  12. J

    Apple <> Adobe clash escalating

    I cut the full page ad out from the globe and mail today and taped it up in the window of the marketing managers office. Their whole team uses apples, home, work, everywhere, and even they are up in arms. They think the ad campaign is brilliant though... Not like it's going to matter...
  13. J

    anybody remember MULTIDIMENSIONAL?

    His older stuff (pre 2000) was out as Subculture. Jason put out tons of great stuff. His set at that party (Destined for Utopia) was in my opinion one of his best live ones... not sure what he has been up to, I've been away from Winnipeg since 2005...
  14. J

    Blue Jays/MLB Thread 2010

    should be an interesting season. I'm saying 81-81
  15. J

    Saving pennies for retirement

    Yeah, he's taking a 30% cut in payments since he's taking it 5 years early.