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    SELLING 53" Sony projection TV FOR $50!!

    SELLING 53" Sony projection TV FOR $50!! Model number is KP-53HS30 In great condition. The picture quality is great but there is the occasional static noise. Comes with original remote control. Here's a link to the picture and description of excellent features Buy Sony KP-53HS30 53" Hi-Scan...
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    CRUSH time !!

    ^^ total douche. move on. not worth your time.
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    The anti-whining/bitching/moaning thread

    i was pleasantly surprised when i came into work today. there were two xmas packages on my desk! -one with xmas cookies and brownies and another with chocolate truffles and a cute little pink wallet/card holder. i totally was not expecting anything from anyone here in the office. what a nice...
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    Impressed/Not Impressed

    get outside has some still but only the burgundy ones were on display, so size options are probably limited. they were about $70.
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    Architecture - coolest building evarrr

    this new one is pretty cool too. MADRID CIVIL COURTS OF JUSTICE, Spain
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    Architecture - coolest building evarrr

    zaha hadid -one of my fav female architects. most of her designs have been conceptual and visionary but are now being built in various places across the world. here two of many that are being built. dubai opus Guggenheim Hermitage Museum in Vilnius, lithuania
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    The anti-whining/bitching/moaning thread

    glad today is friday! i was asked by my yoga studio to take part in a short yoga video they are shooting for their website! should be fun! and my boss just asked me to stick around work until the end of january (as opposed to end of december!) so one more month of employment for me, yay!
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    Back in the day.

    how timely this thread is. the other night my sis and i were discussing how back in the day our parents would let us go out and play after school until dinner time with no supervision whatsoever. we lived around the corner from school so we'd always be playing in the schoolyard, climbing up to...
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    Heroes looks promising

    ^that's why you don't come in here until after you've seen it :p
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    The whining/bitching/moaning thread v.2

    for bras: i swear by secrets from your sisters. they are awesome there and their selection of bras are good. they'll do a proper bra fitting for you and help you find the right bra (size and style -wise). they have a range of sizes which is great for me, because i have loads of trouble finding...
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    The whining/bitching/moaning thread v.2

    thanks. i'm actually ok with it as it was just about time that i leave this company and move forward with new things in my life. speaking of changes, i'm at a crossroads in my career, and have decided to go back to school full-time in september --moving into an entirely unrelated industry but...
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    The whining/bitching/moaning thread v.2

    thanks for the tips! :) my problem has always been getting the motivation to set a routine and stick with it. it was always easy to feel frustrated after sending out tons of resumes and getting no response, then month after month of that, it starts to eat away at you. anyways, i need to start...
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    Layoffs!.. oh JOY!

    magna? my uncle just go let go after working there practically his entire life. now it's too late for him to go to back to school, etc. i'm worried for him. and with the commotion going on in the auto industry, my mom's job might be in jeopardy as well. as for me, i join the club at the end...
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    The whining/bitching/moaning thread v.2

    this is a great 'routine' to keep in mind next month when i'll be joining the club. there's always so many things i want to do but never enough time to do them, so it'll be a great opportunity to concentrate on myself and what i want to get accomplished while i search for something new.
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    The whining/bitching/moaning thread v.2

    trying to get people to come up with ideas for pd a year in advance in like trying to herd together a bunch of stray wild animals. seriously. deadline's friday and i'm freaking. on top of that, i've got four other applications to complete by friday. oi.