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    I need something to do tonight!

    So I've been in the city for about a month now and besides the gezzers that I know from work I haven't really met anyone but I refuse to spend another Saturday night doing nothing!....Are there any lounge type venues in Toronto spinning house and or trance offering a chill/passive atmosphere...
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    Cell Phone

    although I find those offers are temping I have to say that I'd be willing to sell it for $115 OBO...
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    I Hate People

    What 'not' to do at an interview Even in today's super-tight job market, many experienced and knowledgeable people will never get hired. Why? Because they demonstrate a complete lack of people skills during the job interview........... After arriving for an early-morning...
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    Cell Phone

    Rec'd as a gift...brand new Rogers - Nokia 3320 Ready for you package includes 3 months of airtime prepaid and a free headset.... Advertised on rogers.com for $149 + tax ($171) but I'll accept offers.... email: caly1256@hotmail.com or PM Ivy
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    My big empty bed...

    When I sleep alone I don't sleep. I wake up at 3am and can't get back to sleep for hours....When I sleep with someone, it's like I can't get enough sleep...it's actually strange waking up and it's daylight out....pretty fucked!
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    Just clear your cookies on a daily basis and set your history to record zero days.... I do this just to be safe and especially on Monday's my longest surf@werk day....
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    bloody karma

    LOL....that's funny!! Something similar happened to me...friends and I were out for drinks on a patio and it started raining so they moved everyone inside. Being highly disorganized because of all these people now inside...our waiter disappered and he didn't even come around to see if we needed...
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    Casual Sex...

    Just to remind you...what goes around comes around...that's the way that it always works...I'm not hating on you, just reminding you!!
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    were'd you party last night?

    How was system by the way? wasn't roy davis jr playing there last night...I stood in line there for about 5 mins before deciding to go elsewhere...
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    were'd you party last night?

    bamboo/g spot...why...why...why! nah, wasn't that bad...c/o having lots of weed and free drinks.
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    Casual Sex...

    so if casual sex = meaningless emptyness....why is there no shortage of people willing to engage in the act?
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    Your favorite 'big DJ.'

    DIGWEED... although MMI confirmed why he's one of the world's best DJ's he's definitely gone mainstream but still very very talented...
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    Casual Sex...

    Who's done it/doing it? and if you're doing it how do yoiu manage not to get your feelings caught up in the "arrangement"? Sex being such an intimate act, how is it possible NOT to have feelings for the other person?? Ivy < --- obviously never had casual sex before...
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    Drunk/High kru Part 2

    hungover 2nd night in a row..I have to stop doing this to myself...but you are right, it is summertime! The worst thing is waking up ALONE and with a hangover.... :mad: <--- horney....
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    whaa...really!? this changes everything! what kind of music do they spin, please don't say r and b or hip hop....