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    Happy Birthday DJ JELOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    J-E-L-O Happy Birthday Josh!
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    WTB: Technics 1200's and a decent Mixer

    Karim, Please clean out your pm box so I can reply to you. I
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    FS: Techs 12s and Vestax Mixer

    Still available.
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    FS: Techs 12s and Vestax Mixer

    Deepsix: the one and only Those interested can pm or email me. Thanks!
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    FS: Techs 12s and Vestax Mixer

    I have a pair of Black Tech 12s and a Vestax PMC 06 Pro mixer for sale. Both items are between 4 to 5 years old. Asking $1400 for the set.
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    Happy birfday, Robb G!

    Happy Birthday Robb! :cool:
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    biggup! wicked pictures alex. thanks for commin out everybody! :cool:
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    CBC story about Idance rally....(or lack of this year)

    bigup robb g !!!