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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    Myself and a buddy at my first NYE party in New York. (on the left)
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    Some pics from Central Park after the first snow:
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    Nobody Cares...

    Instant replay will kill football, especially college football. Horrible.
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    Mike Conradi "Tone Def" ~ tech-house/electro

    file not found :(
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    JAMIE KIDD - Box of Kittens Spring Promo (May.2008 // tech.funk)

    The download keeps failing. :( It stops after just about 30MB, and a few times before I was getting an error about not being able to read the source.
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    why are local web page requests via bell being routed through Chicago

    It's because Chi-town is rockin! The hypnotoad has been here for a year verifying it. :)
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    Sci-Fi Anime TV Shows?

    Oh! Cartoon Network has been showing Death Note. This is a twisted and dark series and really good.
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    Sci-Fi Anime TV Shows?

    Anything by Hayao Miyazaki is going rock your Anime world. I still watch Spirited Away every once in a while, and I have been meaning to watch Howl's Moving Castle again. Great stuff. Someone mentioned Evangelion, also great stuff, and there are like three movies that are all decent.
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    Sci-Fi Anime TV Shows?

    The movie is ok, but the show is still the best anime series I've seen. I've been watching Naruto on Cartoon Network in the US. It's kind of like Dragon Ball-Z with better animation and a slightly more mature story/audience. I like the old Macross stuff, also Robotech, but it was much...
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    Jelo live from Maxx Fish / Whistler

    I wish I could find it. Yay Jelo!
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    looking for Oink invite

    I have a couple of stmusic.org invites. Been a decent oink replacement for me thus far. PM with email info and I'll forward the invite.
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    ReCkLeSs GiRL - *Bitter Sweet* - ELECTRO HOUSE DEMO MIX

    Listening to this now. The Zeppelin track rocks my socks off :O
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    I'm back

    Were you actually denied entry into the US when you tried to enter? If not, you should be allowed a visitor visa on entry to the US if you can prove that you'll return to Canada. If you were denied entry, you can re-apply in six months, but that's not much of a help. The next step is...
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    I'm back

    Shit, DoHS reads Tribe now I bet. Hopefully Immigration Canada doesn't read it yet, or I'm fucked :eek:
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    WoW geek-thread

    Friend sent me a 10 day trial last week and started playing. Made a night elf hunter and am up to level 18. It's not bad. I can see myself playing for a few months at least. Can't wait until I can summon scorpions :p