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    New Logic Already!?

    You should get a good kick in the Ricks for that bullshit!
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    Who uses Logic?

    Good program! I use!
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    The All-Encompassing Suit Thread about Suits

    i miss my suits. They are still somewhere in Toronto. I have to favs a Kiton and Oxxford both custom. Custom is only option now of days. Would like a D&G for less formal though. I will say this in Europe at least guys are not scared of getting stuff that fits instead of the terrible fittings I...
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    Mac and Me

    there is an bit of a work around with Adium. i prefer it over amsn. I forget the pluggin name. Now if I could get my iphone to be a camera well chatting on the mac that would rule.
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    ?Never used a sample in any of my releases so WTF are you talking about. Lots of techno, house does not use samples either.
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    Oh wow I was sure put in my place.
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    man is this stupid thread still going. BOTTOM LINE can't hear what's in key then fuck off as a pro DJ or anything in public. Too much shit out there already.
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    Street View And Google Maps

    Go to Google Maps Enter 6436 S Oakley Ave, Chicago, IL 60636, USA Click on the "Street View" link in the popup frame *found on another board*
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    Do you speed??????

    I was doing 260K + on the autobahn. But I don't speed in the city and actually really respect speed limits especially where complete morons walk in front of cars or don't know how to drive are. Never mind watching out for little kids and stuff.
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    Gas Prices, Wtf...

    hydrogen has its problems like everything but it also being rolled out here across germany. I can't remember the exact time frame but its coming. i was right behind the car and it caught me slight by surprise and I noticed it cuz there was a slight difference in the sound of the engine and you...
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    Gas Prices, Wtf...

    ahh its cuz you can't drive as fast there so they charge more for fuel. j/k it could be more here today I have not checked. i just know at 230K a E series sucks way too much fuel, even if its diesel. Smart car cost about €10.00 to fill for two days worth of Benzine where in Canada or USA...
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    Gas Prices, Wtf...

    Saw Hydrogen 7 Series BMW today. I can't say I have seen a fuel stop for that in Dresden but I have seen a few in Berlin and that looks like it might have a future. Maybe Hybrid Electric Hydrogen?
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    Gas Prices, Wtf...

    I just paid €1.49 for benzine a week ago in Dresden.
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    Raw Milk: Should it be against the law?

    I get French cheese here in Germany not the German pretend to be French. Sure like coffee, meats you can get good stuff but its more a niche market than the norm.
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    Social Racism

    ha canada thinks social racism. Try living in Europe. THis place is nuts on pure out racism. Your not white it does not help here in Germany, and if your not euro that does not help either. Racism though is how you let it hinder you also. Of course talking from a white boy.