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    .:Matt Dublin - A Midsummer Night's Dream (Antagonistic Bassline House) :.

    Tracklisting looks hype. I'm loving all the shit towards the end. Downloading now...
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    I have been a huge DJ Dan for quite some time. However, he was disappointing on Friday. He played some seriously standard farty electro house. Fuck, that shit is boring. Every time I thought he might be going some place interesting, he would go back to some Beatport chart topper. It was like he...
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    Sneak's Myspace blog

    Spencer you are a smart man. While I find a lot of Strip Steve's work underproduced and flat, he is one of a raft of young producers who are causing older cats like Sneak a headache. Yuksek is easily one of the best young producers in the world, and Tepr and datA should be thrown in the mix too...
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    a trak

    His production work lately has turned towards the dancefloor. I'm digging both his remix of Digitalism's Idealistic and SMD's Hustler. They aren't genius pieces of music, but they really make the floor move. So yeah, you will have a chance to dance.
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    Yeah I would be all over that if I was working right now and had some money. Fuck, being an immigrant sucks.
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    Hatiras @ CiRCA

    For sure. But I think they are doing themselves an injustice by focusing purely on remixes (or maybe that they have original work that is unknown to me.)
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    Hatiras @ CiRCA

    Hatiras was great, but VNDLSM was a no-show due to what I was told was a scheduling conflict. 'Bass Monkeys' def. killed it and I love that tune. It's kinda silly, but a proper party track for sure. Mario J was on before Hatiras and as the other times I have been at Circa, he played some...
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    DJ Omni - Rise (Banging Electro Set)

    Some killer tracks on there man. Downloading now...
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    The Beat Freakers - Ghetto Cardio [House/Breaks/The Business]

    It's nice to see our mixes have such replay value! If you are looking for something more recent, we did this back in the Spring of this year http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?t=119046 Adam
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    The Phat Conductor - Splank Sessions July 06

    Man I love how you chopped up the Intro and I'm digging a lot of your production work. Fucking solid set bud!
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    The Beat Freakers - Angel Dust Blues [House - > Breaks - > ?]

    Hey Matt! Come say hi at WEMF, for sure. I think the last time I saw you was @ System last year. Anyway, we will have lots of our new mix, as well as a few left over copies of Ghetto Cardio. Come take as many as you like!
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    make it funky!

    I have to just start by agreeing with everyone on how dope this party was. I know the Elmo is hot and every time I go home dripping in sweat, but I really appreciate a dirty, hot party when it has that much energy. I heard good music all night - and every DJ seemed to genre-jump really well. I...
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    The Beat Freakers - Ghetto Cardio [House/Breaks/The Business]

    Yeah we are actually using that version. We like it quite a bit too :)
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    Josh "The Funky 1" this Friday... who's in

    ^^^^^ all the info you need should be here: http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?s=&threadid=102642
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    Bryan Jones - BRAND NEW Acid House mix

    He has been doing it for a while now too. I have some really good mixes of his that are from 4 or 5 years ago that he gave me at some party. I still give them a listen from time to time.