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    I am the thread ender!

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    who sampled: George Benson

    Damn... Tribe is quiet anymore... Anyhoo... Great tune!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOuRwKrLLcE This was a big tune in MTL and TOR, and all points in between back in '98
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    My First 467.2.1

    Maybe the cop doesn't want to talk to you because you're a smug fucking asshole who was pissing in public, you fucking loser.
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    Backup HD - Software Rec?

    Hey All! Need a software recommendation.... I want a piece of software that will completely back up my hard drive to dvd. Click -> insert DVD#1 -> Burn -> insert DVD#2 -> Burn - Repeat... and then will restore it later using the same DVD's... make sense? I don't need it to run as an OS...
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    Fastest way to get a passport

    Spain, fantastic idea. New Zealand, not so much. Enjoy the plane ride.
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    Sep 11 - 8 year anniversary

    La historia es nuestra y la hacen los pueblos 3,200 Murdered. 30,000 Tortured. 80,000 Illegally Imprisoned. Go U.S.
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    Man dies in funny car crash

    http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/video/videopage?videoId=3455640 I understand the headline... i just thought it was "funny". I'm going to rot in hell.
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    Trick Stock Competition - 2008 Edition!!

    Booyah.... joining late... but this should be fun. Buying nothing but video game related stocks..
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    Data Archival Software

    I want to backup a folder on my computer to dvds (a few hundred gigs, meticulously organized across many, many, many, folders). I need a program that will allow me to burn it all to dvds, and then will restore it back to the original structure from the dvds... Suggestions? Thank you!!!!!
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    Visa Work Application - Cover Letter Help

    stargurl*, Thanks! That site looks very useful
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    Visa Work Application - Cover Letter Help

    Oh yeah... leaving late July/early August. Will work under the table if I have to... but I'd prefer to not have to.
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    Visa Work Application - Cover Letter Help

    I've got a friend doing one for Australia right now as well. She's having a tough time because it's a much longer wait, but their requirements aren't as stringent - and she just married an Australian, but that doesn't seem to be considered important.
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    Visa Work Application - Cover Letter Help

    Jeff, if you mean Kingston, let me know... I'm living in Ottawa right now, but I'm trying to squeeze in as much home time as I can before I go.
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    Visa Work Application - Cover Letter Help

    So I'm moving (hopefully) to New Zealand... I've got all my applications filled, medical checks, police checks, supporting documents, etc... The only thing I need now is to write a cover letter and get it to their high commision. I know I need to include things like my reason for wanting a...