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    That song that's stuck in your head

    please tell me the name of this track and the artist -- it's stuck in my head and i need to hear it NOW! thanks!
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    soccer ball juggler extraordinaire

    that really is fucking amazin!
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    Dell laptops suck incredibly hard.

    haha! dell... my new thickpad is so slick...:)
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    Time for change

    i thought this was going to be another... 'i need a different job thread...' but it was a nice change of topic instead...
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    i forgot to wear underwear today

    better check your skrit for skid marks...
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    The sluttiest/kinkiest outfit.................

    i'll take two! and a milk shake...
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    ~*...i miss...*~

    digable planets - they be to rap what key be to lock..
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    mad respect to mr lif

    that's the truth - he dropped science in concert last fall with aseop...
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    happy birthday! amazin.
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    Best TV Geeks

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    Best TV Geeks

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    My Mom died this morning. RIP

    my deepest condolences to you and your father.
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    Happy Birthday Evil Dynovac

    happy birthday darryl!
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    the republican national convention

    protest permits are issued to the organizer and/or organizing body. they are given strict guidelines about where they can and cannot protest and march. if the rules are broken, the police take a calculated risk to arrest a bunch of people, and remove the rest.
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    the republican national convention

    riot police... pepper spray... cops on horses... mass arrests... that's my guess.