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    e.k.g. - arise (techno/minimal/harmonic)

    http://www.psomatic-imaging.com/arise.mp3 tracks: ------------ Vegetotherapy - Alexi Delano & Xpansul Micron Max Cooper Herz Aus Blech (Wechsel Version) Extrawelt I Discovered (Original Mix)Jeff Bennett Red Sky (Robag Wruhme Remix) Audision Compression Sebastian Roya A Chico A...
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    Milkrun presents Anja Schneider and Sebo K

    A bit premature, but the opening act is so bad I had to comment. It takes three djs to put me to sleep apparently. Boring tech house will always hold a spot in my digestive tract.
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    Moving Sale: Most Things Must Go

    Up on the Chopping Block: Ikea Billy Bookshelf: $25 Ikea Malm Dresser (Only 3 months old): $25 Ikea Desk (Top and Legs): $35 Ikea Bedframe: $30 PS2 with 29 Games: $60 INCLUDED: ------------------- 1 POWER SUPPLY 1 A/V CABLE 1 MEMORY CARD 1 BLACK PSP GAMES...
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    e.k.g. - solitaire

    some old and new classics strewn together.... Chimps Claude Vonstroke Shikora Boris Brejcha Activatroy JPLS Oolooloo Gaiser Hadal Henry Saiz Tangas Mladen Tomic Anger Management (Dinamoe's St. Anger Remix) Hans Bouffmyhre Reprise CoMa 8 Bit Romance Florian Meindl The Hideout 2009...
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    e.k.g. - moderate warmth aka summer in toronto

    New mix is up!! DOWNLOAD: http://www.psomatic-imaging.com/moderatewarmth.mp3 or alternatively: http://www.sendspace.com/file/grl8ia :tracks: --------------- Pay TV (Scan X Remix) • Laurent Garnier Son Of Raw (Loco Dice's Brooklyn Roll) • Dennis Ferrer Eve By Day (Fairmont's Mix)...
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    FS: 3 Tix to Footwork's NYE Party....Stacey Pullen!!

    3 Passes: $60 pm me
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    FS: Canon Lenses: 18-55mm IS + 55-250mm IS

    I have two mint condition Canon Lenses for sale with Image Stabilization on each. I have had both lenses for about 4 months and are in pristine condition. I've just upgraded, so I'm liquidating prior assets. Included..... •CANON 18-55MM 3.5-5.6 IS •CANON 55-250MM 4-5.6 IS I would rather...
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    e.k.g. - radula (smooth and maniacal minimal techno)

    .1 tony rohr + alexi delano - run 0 .2 harry axt - 2 voices .3 miki litvak + ido ophir - shnorkel (fiord remix) .4 miki litvak + ido ophir - shnorkel (original mix) .5 mike monday - zum zum (audiojack remix) .6 smith + selway - total departure .7 adam beyer + agaric - call & response...
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    e.k.g. - zero dollars p.2 [minimal + electro + techno]

    .1 harry axt - keta watt .2 dave shokh - snuka .3 tony rohr - wednesday nights .4 marco carola - cortortionist .5 tony rohr + alexi delano - discoteca butt .6 akiko kiyama - fungi (inxec's poisoned truffle mix) .7 harry axt - riffler .8 animaltek - night of tvarok .9 reinhardt voigt -...
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    VOYTEK + OTIS - protocol:legacies - -= 10 HOUR Trance Mixset! =-

    oh my lord; my entire childhood summed up in 10 hours. this is the quintessential hard trance collection... props to otis and the elusive at-at :P
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    anx @ 130 bpm (minimal and techno)

    some heavy tracks on this one! well done :P
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    e.k.g. - zero dollars [techno/dark minimal]

    .1 tim xavier - deception de real (tony rohr remix) .2 mustafa avdic + matt rissi - them crocks (dustin zahn's enemy remix) .3 alloy mental - god is green (phil kieran remix) .4 dachshund - lariam side effect .5 efdemin - acid bells .6 rui da silva - escaping the mind (tolfrey + inxec mix)...