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    Moving - Vintage guitar stuff liquidation

    Fender Lead 2 guitar - Made in USA 1982, transparent red /w rosewood neck. One nick in back of body, one knob replaced with a chickenhead (have the original somewhere). $800 with as-new Fender gig bag. Teardrop hard shell case. $75 Fender Princeton Amp - Silverface, circa early 70s...
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    Various 12" Vinyl For Sale

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    Samsung Forever cellphone, Rogers, $80

    Good sleuthing, Bill. I dropped the price on CL in hopes to move it quicker.
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    Samsung Forever cellphone, Rogers, $80

    Samsung Forever, Near Mint /w box and accesssories. Rogers. $100 on CL, $80 for tribers! Good phone, only a few months old from Rogers, but I inherited an Android-based handset, so I'm moving on. Original box and accessories etc. Meet downtown, work near Union Station.
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    FS - Wester Digital Media Play (WDTV Live) NEW

    Also, plays MKVs, whereas a PS3 or XBox 360 won't.
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    Toronto Gay Pride too gay for Tony Clement and the PC party

    <troll>It's pretty gay, guys.</troll>
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    Event TRIA Studio Moniters $40

    Obligatory gloating comment. Thanks again Mike!
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    Event TRIA Studio Moniters $40

    Picking them up tonight, sorry guys :(
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    Event TRIA Studio Moniters $40

    I'll try my hand at fixing these, I'm in the market for a pair of monitors, and a sub wouldn't hurt! I'll pm you to arrange.
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    FS or Trade - Wii Consolte + Games 4 PS3

    TIVs aren't a reasonable comparison for a private sale price. $100 is too low for a used Wii in good condition. That said, hoping for a PS3 in trade is a bit of a stretch as well.
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    Random stuff for sale ! ~

    Just between you, me, and the internet, that toaster is not vintage.
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    LF: someone to fix my TV's powerboard

    Well, if anyone's got a busted LCD kicking around they want to unload, I'd happily take it off your hands to try to fix it. Mine has other issues beyond my means (sound doesn't work unless plugged into a stereo, can't figure it out). Ok, enough begging :)
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    LF: someone to fix my TV's powerboard

    Oh, and see if you can find out if the fuse is slow-blow or not. Or, just buy a few of each, and if a new fast-blow fuse blows after replacing the caps, try the slow-blow.
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    LF: someone to fix my TV's powerboard

    The power boards in TVs are big and chunky. Big holes in the PCB, very easy to solder. If you're in Toronto, go to Honson, it's in the Home Hardware on College west of Spadina. Alternatively I've mail ordered from justradios.ca, they're in Scarborough. Just make note of the bloated...
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    LF: someone to fix my TV's powerboard

    ^^ You underestimate the nerd population up in hurrrrrr. It will cost nowhere near the price of a new one to fix. If the caps are gone the fuse is almost definitely blown, which will have saved the rest of the components. I recently fixed mine (another off-brand, but they're all the same) It...