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Recent content by Gunark

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    Suits on a Plane?

    Oh, that’s... that’s-that’s great. The guy who’s dirty dancing with his niece is going to tell the guy in the thirty-six hundred dollar suit how to run the business. COME ON
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    ^ nice! what's HDR?
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    Source material for graphic design

    Flickr is good for image raping... just watch the copyright notices.
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    Xdarwin and Fink

    Rarely... fink + apple's x11 work fine for me. I guess I just don't use the x11 stuff often enough.
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    questions about linux

    The reverse-engineered NTFS driver *can* write, but nobody's brave enough to turn this on by default. I wouldn't try it unless you want to risk destroying your data (even if the risk is small).
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    What is the meaning/significance behind your Tribe user name?

    Say it with me: Gun-ark, not Goonark. As in the roughest gunark out of south park. *spins jungle towel in the air*
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    Good News Everyone!

    I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance?
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    I just paid a city of Toronto parking ticket online... <rant>

    Parking tickets = good. It's no commuter tax, but it's close enough. They should increase the fines even more, and put the extra revenue into public transit.
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    Truly, a great blog

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    Morals, Ethics and Empire

    ^ Habermas is extremely underappreciated. One of the wisest people alive if you ask me.
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    questions about linux

    If you liked Slackware... i.e. a distro that doesn't try to hide the innards of Linux, i'd HIGHLY recommend Gentoo. You get all the power of Slackware, with none of the mess. It's a beautiful distro... I've been running it as my main desktop OS since about 2003, and still love it. It has...
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    no, but i hear good things... and musically, I'd pick stevens over harmer anyway :) Hayden - Elk Lake Serenade
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    hair loss

    hahah between the mortgage-broker and maid-for-my-condo threads, I was thinking the same thing :)
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    hair loss

    your options: 1. shave head 2. hats 3. deal with it 4. all of the above minoxidil (aka rogaine) only sort of works and finasteradine (aka propecia) is more likely to give you a limp dick than grow back your hair there's a lot of work being done now with something called equol, which is a...