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    much music & mtv

    Severed Heads in 1982 Sorry, I couldn't resist: DEVO videos on Dailymotion DEVO released their 10th(!) video in 1981 as MTV launched. The Truth About De-Evolution (pictured above) is arguably the granpappy of the modern music video.
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    much music & mtv

    Michael Mann doesn't fuck around! He's been ahead of the production design and cinematography curve for a long time. He is *generally* pretty on with his music selection although sometimes sets great scenes to alt.rock schlock. I'd chime in with some thoughts about early video, but I'd...
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    TRIBE seriosly needs an ART section

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    Best Albums of 2009?

    I hate the idea of (supposedly comprehensive) "best of" lists but I will throw one suggestion into the mix.
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    Iraqi Militants Hack $4.5m Predator Drones With Windows Shareware

    marching towards obsolescence It is not like military technology is generated in some alternate universe. Technology is technology and it can always be hacked. If the military made the equivalent of an iPhone as a "controller" device it would probably cost $5000. American forces are using...
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    The what are you reading thread?

    I've only skimmed it but it is very short and not that developed (I've only read a bit of it). It is almost an outline for a text - kind of like AI was "the shadow" of a Kubrick movie. Perhaps "for fans only".
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    The what are you reading thread?

    It is so-so. Some good (but very brief) essays, neat project summaries and pretty uninspired game-by-game writeups (as penned by developers). I'm much more excited to devote my full attention to...
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    RIP Carlton Cinema :(

    So many memories. My fave is seeing Gerry there and half the audience fell asleep once the other half had walked out.
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    Dubai going under

    To paraphrase Mike Davis, I'd say we have good cause for letting Dubai burn. That city deserves to be stillborn—neoliberalism at its finest.
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    Modern Warfare 2

    sneak thief WA2000 w/ Silencer & FMJ M93 w / Silencer & FMJ Bling Pro Cold-Blooded Pro Ninja Pro I can rack up the kills with a light machine gun but have more fun sniping from across the board and sneaking up on scouts and spraying them with the M93. Contemplating dropping Bling...
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    Modern Warfare 2

    I don't get the "I'm going to run back where I just got killed mentality" it makes it difficult to be a lazy camper/sniper. I'm getting used to knowing when to move.. 2 or 3 range kills and move to the next nearby spot. Leave a claymore behind and start from scratch. I'm bored of mercenary...
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    Vague Terrain 05: Minimalism: Aidan Baker The track "Maximal" might be my favourite thing that we've ever released. It is a glorious creeper.
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    Bad Lieutenant = PWNAGE!

    I'm eager to see this. Nicholas Cage is really working hard to get out of debt.
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    game of 'just the tip' goes horribly wrong

    I am a young urban professional and this restaurant is lucky to have my patronage. The lowly peons that pass for "waiters" in this establishment had better make me feel like an aristocrat if they expect to make $20 for having the privilege of serving our table for an hour and a half.
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    game of 'just the tip' goes horribly wrong

    uhh.. do you ASK for the lemon? Or are you tipping your server for reading your mind. Edit: Maybe we should combine this thread with the "clients from hell" thread.