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  1. greginhali

    YO.....bumrush the show

    So I guess they have tweaked their name to Public Enemy Radio.....Chuck and DJ Lord Still worth it.
  2. greginhali

    YO.....bumrush the show

    The Gods of Rap tour sounds sick....wish it would come here Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy and De La Soul announce Gods Of Rap tour
  3. greginhali

    Praktik Swayze - The Wayz of the Swayz [LOCALSOURCE 001]

    Stephan Bodzin - Strand [Afterlife 009] stand out track and yes that is really killer artwork....well done on the skydome...and the swayze
  4. greginhali

    YO.....bumrush the show

    night of the living baseheads.... just checking.....Public Enemy and Public Enemy Radio are the same thing? I cant actually verify this via the internet. The beer festival is telling me that one of my favorite bands are coming to town....but did they change their name? Toronto's Festival of...
  5. greginhali

    Nobody Cares...

  6. greginhali

    Turntables and Mixer

    Hey y'all Anyone want to unload their turntables and mixer? Looking to upgrade my stuff....and get back into Djing. I have Serato SL1 and Traktor final scratch....both really old hardware........I have real records too....lol....Just wondering if the tribe community had a deal out there....Ive...
  7. greginhali

    Nobody Cares...

    Dang. that is some kind of pissed off.
  8. greginhali


    Yah, he is going into hiatus....just after he finish his tour. So weak.
  9. greginhali

    LF: Mixer

    yo My old Gemini is dying....sound bleeds.....channels are not producing sound on certain speakers. Anyone looking to unload a mixer? I dont need anything heavy duty, I have two tt200 's that I'm pissing around with. Really I need turntables as well. But a mixer would be good to start with...
  10. greginhali

    Torrent warning

    Anyone have an invite for Gaming torrent sites. IPTorrents doenst have a great selection of PC video Games. How about Gazelle Gaming? Any other solid gaming sites?
  11. greginhali

    Numark TT200 Turntable Repair

    Thanks.....so far lots of screws not much luck. I took out all of the base screws but it wont seperate. Where the control arm is wont release from the base. From what I read and watched you remove the base to access the control arm.... need to read more.
  12. greginhali

    Numark TT200 Turntable Repair

    YO I decided to dust off these bad boys. The one works fine. The other has a broken Tonearm Base. It comes apart which causes the tonearm to not track properly and the weight to cause the tone arm to bounce around. (the picture is from the internet, not a tt200 but same idea) So I have been...
  13. greginhali

    rodney mullen

    I caught Mull at the EX one summer. He was there demoing something......he was sick.
  14. greginhali

    Nice Christmas Weather

    I wish your storm sneak peak picture would come true. 50 - 70 cm would be pow heaven
  15. greginhali

    BLADERUNNER 2049 Reviews

    I just watched it last night. I would go to the Cinesphere just so I can hear the loud flying car scenes...heavy bass.