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    Tribe BBQ

    I was actually on my way to the beach and didn't even know this BBQ was happening but I saw it on my way there and stopped by for a while after some swimming and the music was awesome! not sure who was spinning around 5-6pm but I had a good time playing some frisbee with the family near by. I...
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    Technical Question.... Recording a DJ set.....

    not sure if sound forge is compatible with my mac. I found something called WavePad for now. If anyone knows of something better, let me know.
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    Technical Question.... Recording a DJ set.....

    Ok so I want to record a set using my Mac Mini, Audiobox USB (which I've rented from L & M) and turntables and mixer. Which App or program is the most simple and user friendly for recording???
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    What do you get your man on Valentines Day???

    Yea but I didn't think I'd get a serious answer that way...lol
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    What do you get your man on Valentines Day???

    Yea mine likes video games but he is very specific and he has so many and has gotten them for gifts in the past from ex-girlfriends I didn't want to do the same thing for him that others have in the past. He also likes beer but I don't really want to encourage him to drink more..lol So no...
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    What do you get your man on Valentines Day???

    LOL guys are amused by the weirdest things! ;)
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    What do you get your man on Valentines Day???

    I make him dinner all the time, that's a normal thing.
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    What do you get your man on Valentines Day???

    I'm having a hard time this year coming up with ideas... so I'm just wondering what other girls are doing or have done in the past that can really impress a guy? I know everyone is going to say it depends on the guy and to pick something that has some meaning in the relationship. I just want...
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    Anyone selling a pair of 1200's???

    I'm looking for a pair of 1200's if anyone has a pair for sale please pm me, thanks :)
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    Nov 18 - Richie @ Footwork

    The last time I saw Richie Hawtin was in Montreal about 5 years ago at Picnic Electronic. I wish I could have been there on Thursday night. Hopefully he comes back to Toronto soon.
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    Best Chocolate in Toronto?

    I agree, Soma is the best!
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    Good high energy songs with a "car or race car" theme?

    Does anyone know of any good high energy songs with a car or race car theme that has car sounds in the song?
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    Fire Poi/Buying Supplies

    I just want to buy some retractable fire fans. I don't do poi or drugs.
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    Fire Poi/Buying Supplies

    There is actually a magic store in Kitchener that sells Fire Poi supplies, not everyone selling that stuff is a hippie. Not everyone using it is a hippie either.