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    happy birthday rentboy!

    HAPPY B'DAY CHRIS Shake some salt off a french fry for me ;) It's been too long since I've seen you - big birthday hugs :D
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    Sneaks Birthday Beatdown !

    ^^^ re: no cake - I don't believe you ;)
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    Sneaks Birthday Beatdown !

    Re: WOW ... DAMN CAKE EATERS *shakesfist* Linzee's post sumarizes my night to a tee. What an absolutely unbelievable night - praises to the house heads who inspired me to go (Linzee, Dora, Suke, Dave). Great meeting patrick2002 (I'm confirmed). This night blew me away. Other...
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    Sneak's Birthday Beats

    Looks like we're stayin till 6 eh linzee :D I'm ready to do it up with my house head friends. Let's see what you're made of Suke ;)
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    happy birthday chickpea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    forgot password Yes, I'm late in posting (it's been so long i forgot my password) However, i have been a primary participant in all of h's b'day activities from Horseback ridding - my dad ruining the surprise :mad: to Runyx to Mistress Barbara and finally the official b'day potluck at the...
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    Greetings from China

    *sniff* :( on both accounts Got your email, keep them coming and don't worry about figuring everything out, just kick back enjoy the ride and try to take it all in while you're there. *bighugs* love ya mal
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    John 00 Fleming

    Chickpea and I will be there after we see spiritualized...we'll be dying to dance after standing around at the opera house for 3 hours...although really...we're always dying to dance :D See everyone there!
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    Armin Van Buuren@Guv

    This post is seriously late but i had such an incredibly amazing time at this event that i had share it with all :) What a great night, even the crowd was good - considering it's the guv. Wonderful TBK, my guelph girls had so much fun because of everyone. Sweet sweet trance, i loved...
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    the newest PIC THREAD of them all

    i hate you i hate you i hate you ;)
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    happy birthday, girl friday!!

    hee hee thanks john, it was very good, starr scarfed most of it down. The cheeseballs were good too, and the ET suckers, next time you'll have to stay for the food :)
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    Happy Birthday MOFO

    Happy b'day sunny, can't think of anyone i'd rather share my special day with :D ps thanks for the chicken and beef wine...so so cute
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    happy birthday, girl friday!!

    hee hee hee, thanks for the b'day greetings guys. I'm always happiest when i'm dancing with my favourite girl. It makes me feel like this :D :D :D ps happy belated NickD pps LOVE the penguin hahaha
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    I have chills just thinking about tonight HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO WORK DAMNIT....just can't do it, i'm too excited. I'm with Cheesewhiz, many amazing pple will be out tonight, I can hardly wait to see them all and dance my ass off.
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    if live to tell the tale...if i survive...!!!

    ^^^^ i couldn't agree more :D
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    if live to tell the tale...if i survive...!!!

    I'm with Rents Mindblowing...I haven't enjoyed myself that much since Dave Seaman. What an absolutely incredible night. Started off with good friends and lots of drinks (thanks ian ;) and ended with chickpea and i nearing orgasm on the dancefloor. The entire evening was amazing but From 5am...