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    I love the fact that everyone around me DIDN'T GEDDIT. Crossing the line between dj's playing "other people's music" and half-assed live bands. Fischerspooner make people squirm... and they are perfect at it. ...and they played Emerge... TWICE! (...although 3 times would have been...
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    FischerSpooner Tix 4 Sale!

    I have 2 tickets for sale to see FischerSpooner and guests in New York City on Tuesday November 19th. Details as follows: FISCHERSPOONER w/ DJ Hell and John Selway 16+ IRVING PLAZA 17 IRVING PLACE/NYC TUESDAY NOVEMBER 19, 2002 Show Begins at 10:30PM I paid $22 (U.S.) each... and...
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    2 Many DJs

    I am sooooooo looking forward to this and am relieved to see that I am not the only one. I guess it's just you and me babe! Jeff GenderFix
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    I just came from Kool Haus where I witnessed part of the soundcheck. Fuckin' unreal! They borught their own P.A. with full on surround sound that will blow your mind. The stage set-up looks like a freakin' Depeche Mode concert. I came twice. ... can't wait for more. Jeff
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    Damn that was fun! A big thanks to everyone that braved the cold, the snow and the Christmas rush to come out and make this a truly special night. As well, respect to Dekoze, Jelo and D-Monic for throwing down 7 hours of solid JAMMAGE. And the venue... OH THE VENUE... If ya missed it, YOU...