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    Rent & Lease Question

    There are lots of circumstances under which you can break a lease, but you didn't post much info, so its hard to say if any apply... Biggest Q's 1. Who is on the lease? 2. Are your friend + the troublemaker sharing the same apartment, or is it trouble with another tenant in a different unit...
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    LF: Cheap Mixer

    As the title says, I'm looking for a cheap DJ mixer...mine died, and I just need a quick/cheap replacement. 2 or 3 channels, with an EQ and kill switches...brand isn't so important, but no radio-shack mixers please :) Looking to spend $100-150. Thanks for looking!
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    FS: Ikea Loft Bed, Washer/Dryer, 3 piece sectional sofa - $100 (Downtown Toronto)

    Ikea "Storå" loft bed - $125 - Great condition. Includes mattress, ladder, manual and all hardware required. The only difference between my bed, and the one pictured is the side railing at the top, which has been tossed (I found it near impossible to get in/out of the bed with the railing...
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    FS: DJ Setup (Numark TT-500's and Numark DM1002 mk2)

    --== PRICE LOWERED ==--DJ Setup (Numark TT-500's and Numark DM1002 mk2) Since I've had an underwhelming response, I've lowered the price to $750. The turntables currently sell new for about $450 each and the mixer goes for about $150. Purchased during the summer last year, these...
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    FS: DJ Setup (Numark TT-500's and Numark DM1002 mk2)

    Sorry, dont think so. The mixer by itself isn't really worth anything. Cheers.
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    FS: DJ Setup (Numark TT-500's and Numark DM1002 mk2)

    Almost forgot my email! sigma@dreaming.org if interested...... Thanks.
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    FS: DJ Setup (Numark TT-500's and Numark DM1002 mk2)

    Purchased during the summer last year, these rock-solid tables have served me well. Very lightly used (which is also the reason I'm selling). Package Includes: 2 x Numark TT-500 turntables Numark DM1002 MK2 mixer 2 x Stanton 500 ALII cartridges Slipmats, cables, extra tone-arm, boxes...
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    FS: D-Link DSM-320 Media Player (wireless and ethernet) - $125

    Wireless component-sized media player. Attaches to your home entertainment system, and allows you to view pictures and videos, as well as stream music from 1 or multiple computers (wirelessly or via ethernet) With support for MP3, WMA and WAV audio files, playlists such as M3U and PLS...