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    what 41 hours STUCK in an elevator looks like

    ever time I have been stuck luckly it was not right between floors Pryed open the doors and crawled out Still scared its gona start moving the second I am half way out
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    I was the one shaking my head no no no Don't Ever Stop and yes yes yes I Love Drums
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    Such an awesome day for me saturday :D
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    :eek: If hes in I'm in !!!
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    Tips for livin in the Hammer.

    Montforts is the best after bar food in Hamilton
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    Tips for livin in the Hammer.

    If you want to be want to check out some amazing natural areas, gimme a shout. Hamilton kicks ass for hiking, trail running, or mountain biking. And you will love it for Rollerblading as well.
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    mountain bike for sale $800

    very nice bike, but the price completely depends on the condition
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    Fanu is coming finally...

    Yes but hows the Gay scene?
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    WTF?? Kanye's new video

    Why did I waste 3mins watching this
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    What items to bring to Cuba for trade?

    Just to clear it up for anyone that is offended The only things I would have expected for trade comming back to me are local products maybe, Art... Food... Booze... I really don't know. I have never been there and I am looking forward to learning about a new culture.
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    What items to bring to Cuba for trade?

    I know the children can use school supplies... But is there anything I can bring that is of high value to them for which I could get something cool for?
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    would you buy a used ipod?

    I bought a used one It craped out on me very quickly Basically never worked properly
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    ^ could change the thread tittle to.. Who hated Cloverfield and wish they could get their money and time back
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    hated it
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    Do not see this movie This is my warning to all Do not take this as..... now you should be curious kind of thing Be thankful that you have not tried to watch it and enjoy life I feel as though something bad happened to me tonight and I am still not fully recovered