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    What (house) are you listening to?

    Maya Janes Coles - What they say Off the Realtone Podcast 50. 18mins in is pure madness. :eek:
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    What (house) are you listening to?

    Franck Roger's Realtone Radio Show #26. Has been on rotation all week for me. technics1200
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    Hali and Nick Holder - LIVE from Toi Bar [deep house/deep tech house]

    nice set...sounds like it was fun party.
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    Franck rogerrrrrrrrr

    My man was on point. Too bad we don't get him here enough...the guy is super talented. Programming and mixing was incredible...the sound system in Cobra really did him well... He dropped some killer tracks (that I have no clue who produced) for about an hour and a half...crazy, crazy...
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    chez damier kai alce at li'ly

    shit bro...u really know how to rub it in. i always felt Lily could be host to some serious parties with the right talent.
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    DJ Jazzy Jeff and Starting from Scratch...

    Oh man...I so wanted to hit this up...more reviews!!!!!!
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    Eczema Suffers

    I suffered for years with eczema, with doctors telling me that there's no cure for it, and that "I'm going to have to live with it." I tried every possible treatment (heat, cold, creams, pills, etc)....NONE OF THAT SHIT WORKS. I highly recommend visiting "The Great China Herb Centre"...
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    Good times!!! Track id??? Gleeson???
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    lol...i hear ya man...i really do... :D personally, i dont bother judging people or placing labels on them... it is what it is. a positive mentality breeds a positive attitude. learn to love!!!! i know, pure ch33se
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    bopping my head to "What is Love".
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    why all the prejudice towards King St? it's targeted to the "showtime" people....why do people hate on that?? get over it and have some fun. it's almost as if some people go out just to bitch about it the next day. that's so lame.
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    The place is awesome...intimate, clean, sexy...wall of skulls...small ceilings, sunken dance floor...crazy lights above the dance floor. TMB are great showmen. Much better than their previous showing at Circa. The crowd was semi-wack. LOTS of beautiful women. :p All in...
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    Loco dice...

    ...is incredible. Crazy set with sick tune after tune....I don't think there was one bad track...programming was boom-bastic!!! I believe he played for 5 hrs (extended his set for an hr)...I can't believe I stayed to the end...very unlikely thing for me these days... But, when the...
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    Karizma @ Toika

    Karizma...what a perfect name for the guy...inspiring guy to hear when he goes off on his mixing tangents... I felt Nick Holder held his ground just fine...he played some really good beats with smooth, chuggy basslines...including some of his new tracks... Two totally different...
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    Karizma + spen

    Karizma. The man has presence. As for Spen...no disrespect to the man, but he just didn't do it for me...seems like every time he came on, it took away from what Karizma just did... Tough bill to play side by side against, IMO, one of the best DJ's/Producers... Impeccable mixing and...