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    Pink Floyd.

    Some Marley remixes sound good. The remix of Floyd i'm talking about has pretty much just that line Hey teacher ...
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    Pink Floyd.

    Ok so can someone else tell me what's the other rmx except Prydz and Andro. Andro one is too epic, it's not the one.
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    Pink Floyd.

    I don't think you guys heard the remix i'm talking about. Eric Prydz rmx is garbage. The one i heard is more like electro/progressive/house. I can't even define it. I've heard it only few times, it's not played out at all. Maybe i should try techno room.
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    Pink Floyd.

    Thanks but i still can't find it on torrents.I can only see Call on me.
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    Pink Floyd.

    "Another brick in the wall" Who has a house/electro remix of it and who was it made by?
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    Dj Hype @ System

    What time Hype went on?
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    Sneak - Da house cat

    wow. not too many good reviews.
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    Tiesto @ the Guv

    there is no smoking rooms in the koolhaus, plus koolhaus wont fit all the people as guv including drink, acid and smoking patio and dlux lounge. thats the reason.
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    6.o.L.d.!.e. (fakkin 'ell)

    does anyone have pics from that party?
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    Theory @ the Guvernment!

    you should have.....
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    Dj Dan and Others at the Guv

    its because thats what they play every saturday there... its a hiphop/rnb nights on saturdays...you should know it by now.
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    is that a compliment or ....?
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    FOCUS! grand opening @ Charlie's

    i dont think that there is a dress code at all.... there use to be, not anymore
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    it feels not too bad, thanks for the compliments which were followed after... i aprciate it.
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    just a few shots of myself.