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    hidden gems / hot nights

    This Friday. W2 Storyeum. 151 West Cordova. APHRODISIA Dub step / future bass / funky breaks / house/ techno / electro / world beat / burlesque / art gallery / fasion show / 2 rooms / goes til 4 am now ya know. Join Perception Events on facebook to keep in loop
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    Club Listings for Vancouver

    word man! sorry totally didn't mean to pigeon hole you cats, you guys play a bit of everything really. And ya it's been awhile since I've been to shine, It think the last time was when A-Skillz played. So happy to be living in Van!
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    Club Listings for Vancouver

    there is a tonne going on in van....... but you need to have your ear to the ground to figure out the goods. It took me a good while, and knowing a few people to figure out the good shit.... but ya it's all about face book! and knowing what promoters do what. Also the Georgia Strait is...
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    please come to Toronto...

    maybe for saskatchewan. but other then that you're wrong. There is TOO much to do.
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    dubstep = fresh!

    who's doing the show?
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    dubstep = fresh!

    Heads up Heyoka is playing toronto april 24th
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    Hey just saw this on Heyokas facebook, was curious about who's bringing him out?
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    dubstep = fresh!

    Heyokas new Marklar promo mix!!! Some Gltichy DnB thrown in there!! really loving it! Heyoka - Heyoka Marklar promo mix - SoundCloud
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    dubstep = fresh!

    VibeSquaD DOWNLOADS VibeSquaD just put out a 2nd mix! this thread should be titled dubstep and glitch hop. Feeling the mid-tempo glitch much more then dub-step. and yes Tipper wins. He always wins, he'd probably go off in Toronto, no? Spoonbill is my favourite producer ATM...
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    Ghost Dance - Keating Channel - Halloween 2009

    this sounds amazing!
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    If you're in B.C this summer.....

    then check out what we have going on for festivals! The biggest year for outdoor festivals B.C has seen! Entheos and Burn in the Forest just happened Uprising w/ Tipper, Vibesquad, Max Ulis, Taal Mala, Michael Red, Neigbour. Stickypod Connection, Timothy Wisdom, etc...
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    ~*...theme party ideas...*~

    pics from our themed parties... Space theme halloween in April...just cause. DISCO! Comic/ Super Hero Party Blue Party Zombies Vs Robots god I love enthusiastic party people!
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    ~*...theme party ideas...*~

    ummm ya, it's happening. (in Vancouver)
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    ~*...theme party ideas...*~

    We do all kinds of costume/ theme parties. We did a Barberella/space hunter party called 3Deep. complete with 100 light sabers, mandatory space costume, 500 3d glasses, 3d vintage visuals, a space themed burlesque performance and edIT headlined. A little while go we did a party called...
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    I hear he has a whole bunch of brand new material up his sleeve. Really stoked to hear his new steez. and ya to be honest I've never been a big fan of techno but I've always dug his sets he's posted in the mixes room. A lot of non-techno heads heard his set at shambhles a few years back...