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Recent content by fewl

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    paul bace - BassDisco

    Some familiar tracks from back in the day. Really liked bumpin to this. Much respect.
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    Deep, Dirty, Delicious House + Classics

    I have never heard that sick remix of the Joe Cocker song before. I listened to this mix on my way to work and then on my way back :)
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    DJ Psyence - Lab Sessions Vol 1 [Deep House / House]

    Amazing track selection. Thanks.
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    jeremy jive - bloom |deep house|

    Tight Mix, the first track is just sick *boogie* *woogie*. Thanks Jeremy.
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    Roland Gonzales - The Throwback - classic San Fran House mixed with DiscoHouse

    Pretty amazing track selection, it made me dig out those classic pooley cuts. Thanks.
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    Nantez - Clockwork [Deep House]

    Very deeep and edgy. I loved it.
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    90's Hip Hop Mix #4

    The track listing already looks sick. I can't wait to listen to this in my car.
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    The Paradise Garage - Classic

    A big fan of all your mixes. Love the C.Fisher medley. Props.
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    DJ NK - Playin House 1998

    This is a sick mix. Daddy's Favourite one of my fave all time tracks.
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    Sara Scruton - "House Love" - Uplifting House-August06

    Havent heard Nu Nu in a long while. Thanks for the great set.
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    Alvaro Gonzalez:KOLN MIX: Deep House

    I forgot how sick that Alex Gopher track was. Need to dig it out of my crate. Thanks for the mix.
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    Mi Casa Hot 10 - Deep Soulful House

    Listened to it on the way to work, on the way home and at the gym. I am still feeling this mix. Love the track selection.
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    A Long Weekend Classic House Set

    I have been listening to your various mixes and they have all found a permanent spot on my mp3 player.
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    DJ FLEX presents: IT'S MY OLD SKOOL II

    Its found a permanent home on my mp3 player. Props
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    A little slow but works for me.