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    DJ Ztrip - Obama Mix

    this mix convinced me to buy tix to his show with bassnectar out here. i was in san francisco for the love parade, and it was amazing seeing the sheer volume of support for obama - in art, music, personal expression, etc. it really is a movement of optimism, straight from the people...
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    Methods Of Liquidfunk / Blind & Bronwyn

    link no work. tracklist looks sweet, i'd love to give it a listen
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    pemberton festival

    ok, you can't deny this is epic. even though the dj lineup is rather sad. end of july, in pemberton. Coldplay Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Nine Inch Nails Jay-Z Flaming Lips Interpol Death Cab For Cutie The Tragically Hip Serj Tankian My Morning Jacket Metric Sam Roberts...
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    Vancouver - second week of April

    if you hang around til the 23rd, you can catch sasha and digweed.
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    DJ Soo & DJ Socool - Down By The Bayside (downtempo, funk, hiphop, dub)

    another solid mix. when and where is this lounge night you speak of??
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    --==*The Official Set Posting Thread*==--

    hmm, megaupload no work? http://www.newmixes.com/ltj_bukem_and_goldie-1xtra_all_star_logical_progression-sat-12-30-2007.html Fabio feat Mc Five-O Flytronix - The Rhode Tune - Moving Shadow Chameleon - Links - Good Looking Studio Pressure - Jump - Certificate 18 Krust - Jazz Note - V...
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    --==*The Official Set Posting Thread*==--

    one for the heads! logical progression at ministry of sound 12-30-2007 goldie, ltj bukem, fabio 4 hours of old school goodness http://www./?d=HUB68YOA
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    Rents - Urban Sprawl (Trip Hop/dubstep/dub and roots/downtempo)

    nice mix so far! i've really been feeling the dubby reggae lately, so this mix hits the spot.
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    Rents - Urban Sprawl (Trip Hop/dubstep/dub and roots/downtempo)

    track listing looking good, as always. dl'ing now
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    is it true?

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    Stuff to do in VC

    you mean sanafir? the clientele is obnoxious - fake tans, fake tits, fake smiles... but the food is fantastic. and relatively affordable to boot. and the room is gorgeous. as for the vancouver scene - i went to 'krafty kuts' in victoria on the weekend, and that single club night put...
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    Stuff to do in VC

    damn, that party is tempting. very much the old toronto congress center vibe. very tempting.... as far as shopping, i would have to say, stay away from downtown, unless you want to shop at zara, club monaco et al. main north of 18th is definitely the hipster destination, but more for...
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    krafty kuts is playing victoria on the sunday night.
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    Stuff to do in VC

    one of the more complete vancouver club listings (not just trance) http://www.tranceaddict.com/forums/showthread.php?forumid=27&postid=8147922#post8147922 if you're into the d&b thing...
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    Why is there no good DnB in Van City?!

    yeah, dnb here is a sad state of affairs. the andy c party was a blast, but honestly - andy freakin c, playing in a sports bar, on a soundsystem from someone's living room... that pretty much sums up the scene here. it's sad to watch the talent roll through seattle, and even victoria, and...