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    Hardcore DJ Sets that I like

    Wow, I haven't been on this board in years!! In case anyone still listens to hardcore, I'm still around and spinning occasionally in Ottawa.. plenty of sets for download on my site: EXT My latest gig was recorded and is on soundcloud: ExT - Jurassic Beats 2 - 02/15/2014 by exT on SoundCloud -...
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    Hardcore Dj's....

    "5 years ago exT" clearly wasnt, lol.
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    Hardcore Dj's....

    buzz fuzz! this is gonna make up for me missing gatekeeper 2 lol
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    [GABBER] exT - Sexual Violence

    All Dutch Happy Hardcore and Classic Rotterdam Gabber http://www.djext.ca/mixes/exT_-_Sexual_Violence.mp3 01 exT - Sexual Violence Intro 02 DD Zion - Blue Sky Day - Twilight 03 Scott Brown and Paul Elstak - Cheese 'n Beats - Forze 04 Pentium 75 - Brian Distorsion (Mix 1) - Hardcore...
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    *NEW GABBER MIX* exT - Sexual Violence

    I made this promo mix to hand out at Human Blood 4, but since I smashed my ailing copy of Don't Speak at the show, I think I'll put this one on-line as sort of a 'never to be repeated' mix. All Dutch Happy Hardcore and Classic Rotterdam Gabber...
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    Hardcore is Still Huge

    hardcore is a way of life
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    why does this forum still exist?

    the only thing that matters in life.
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    Mystical Playing HARDCORE!!!!!!

    i'm sure he means early 1992 jungle, which was called 'hardcore' back in the day.
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    song id

    the mazurka version is from 98 though. the dune one is 95.
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    song id

    dune - hardcore vibes?
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    55 minutes of HARDCORE

    love it.. haha grant.. i remember saying you should put some effects on your voice in reference to your older mixes.. but in this one, you put so much effects on it, i can't tell what you're saying hahaha.. oh well, i get what i asked for ;) you gotta come back to ottawa this summer. we...
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    *New* Gabber CD - exT - Unnecessary Surgery

    you know what's funny about that, when i was mixing that my mom came downstairs and had the most mortified look on her face when the sample drops.. well yeah.. you gotta hear the mix to understand lol.. :D
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    *New* Gabber CD - exT - Unnecessary Surgery

    i just want everyone to know that no matter how hard the times get, no matter how hard it rains outside, no matter how much snow is on the ground, no matter what happens... I WON'T STOP ROCKIN' TILL I RETIRE!
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    *New* Gabber CD - exT - Unnecessary Surgery

    no that's just the nitrous talking. :eek:
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    *New* Gabber CD - exT - Unnecessary Surgery

    it's also fun to perform.. unnecessary.. surgery.. to.. ahhahahaha