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Recent content by Eccentric (LRG)

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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    This is me. On Misty. My first ever horse ride. And no one guided us or anything. I am so proud. I also want to paste a horn on her and than trot around town on my new unihorse!!
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    Nobody Cares...

    I <3 facebook. :p But I miss tribe...
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    Nobody Cares...

    It's so hot in my apartment right now I can't sleep. And oddly enough I'm bored with facebook for the moment. So I've resorted to Tribe and the legendary Nobody cares thread. *sweats feverishly*
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    CRUSH time !!

    ^^^ You said my hair is nice. You are my new crush.~~! ha
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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    Looking good girl. Me at My bar... also at my bar
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    well ain't that a bitch ?

    where was i reading 2001? either way its old. And I find it humorous that my name would bring up an old tribe thread.. and thats about it.
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    well ain't that a bitch ?

    lol I typed my name into goggle and this is what it gave me. this thread from tribe. thats funny. its 6 years old too. wow
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    Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Most Emo Of Us All?

    I'm emo. Or apparently my little brother tells me so. But I can't be emo enough...cause my wrists are skratch free. Oh to be Emo-tional. p.s. - I <3 30 seconds to mars (jared leto is better looking now in my books except for that above picture.. ack.) and My chemical romance( i want gerard...
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    I'm Coming Out to My Dad Tonight!

    Awe I'm proud of yah Sunny. Best of Luck. I've always thought That when I have children one day, if by chance they were homosexual. I'd be cool with it. The times are changing. Even for the old. You'll be okay. And if it is shocking for him. Give him a bit and it'll sink in that you're still...
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    ads that you like

    I like the new bank commercial where the guy and his wife are walking back to their car and he's talking about how good he is. Because the lady/bank he brought them too gave them exactly what they needed. Once in the car he says to wife " You know, when you married me, you got more then just...
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    simple things that turn you on

    Sweat... like Just worked out or played soccer/hockey game type sweat. No not Body Oder! mmm pharamones(sp?) Complete eye contact too. Though I can't hold it. I break away. But if I turn back and your still looking at my eyes. I'm yours.
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    Simpsons MOVIE Teaser, and the subsequent discussions.

    Whatever. I'm there. Its been so long in the making. I mean the cartoons been around for howl ong and yet no movie until now? Its deserving of my attention. Yours too. Go now.
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    <<>> F R I D A Y S E X T H R E A D <<>>

    This I'm aiming for!! Good job atp!
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    Family Guy says Canada sucks

    I'm not offended by it at all. Cause I've told about a billion people That America sucks.. Whats the dif ? AMERICA SUCKS... you hear that, take it. Take it right in the ear!