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    Big ups Robb G!

    That is so sick. Twelve Inch Therapy is the joint!
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    Crystal Method - VEGAS - 10 Year Anniversary

    Way to go man!
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    Nerd alert!

    Attention Firefox users!!! If you could please try out that number thing and let me know how it goes. I think I may have got it fixed. Maybe. http://www.dubblesided.com/downloads
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    Nerd alert!

    Sh*t! I'm gonna' get to Googling this. Also, I updated the download page. New tunes are available: http://www.dubblesided.com/downloads technics1200
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    Nerd alert!

    Thanks y'all! Fingers are crossed, sleep is forgone and the record is out! I gotta' give mad props to Angus Robinson, Myagi, D-Monic, and of course The Phat Conductor, cuz none of this could have happened without their help. PEACE! -Dave
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    Nerd alert!

    ^ Thanks. I must look into this. I think maybe JavaScript converts strings to integers differently in Firefox. Not sure. When i get some time I'll google it and see what's up. Buzzkill.
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    Nerd alert!

    You can put it on your resume, but your not a nerd 'til you write your first .php script. Nice try! ;)
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    Nerd alert!

    Hey Funktion, 'No dice' means it doesn't work, or 'no dice' means a user shouldn't have to use his/her refresh button cuz there should be a link on the page to deal with the situation. I actually agree with the latter. But I'm so time crunched with the next release on DSV. But soon I...
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    Nerd alert!

    Oh. Well there was a bunch of other browser compatablity issues that were really f&%cked up, but I think I got them fixed. Still getting the number thing? cheers DAVE www.dubblesided.com/downloads
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    Nerd alert!

    Whoa! I just finished setting up a dowmload request form on my website. Buttom line: people(not robots) can now get 320 mp3s of some of my secret dubs (from the private collection) and some other stuff (totally free). Check it out: http://www.dubblesided.com/downloads
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    DSV (the label) is back!

    "That's right!", I am ressurecting DSV after a 3 year hiatus! Coming out next on August 13th > Dave Dub + The Phat Conductor > The Price Is Right Check out the mp3 > http://www.davedub.net/audio/tracks/DaveDubThePhatConductor-ThePriceIsRight.mp3 I'm planning on releasing a record...
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    Friday Mashup @ College Street Bar

    Well, the night started out slow, but by around 12:00, The Phat Conductor had the dancefloor packed. Many thanks to all those who came out. I had a great time and I hope everyone else did as well. For many reasons, I didn''t have my digicam, so if anyone ahs any, please feel free to post...
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    When was the last time you used a pay phone?

    Pay phones are icky.
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    FS: Lots of records, mostlyy breaks, some house and d'n'b

    I'm moving soon and I'm selling off a bunch of vinyl, cuz it's just too much to deal with and I'll probably never play these records again. It's good stuff but I'm selling 'em for $5 or 6 for $20. PM me to set up an "appontment". cheers DAVE
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    Dave Dub - Party Funk Flavour

    Holy flashback! :O