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    2 Tickets for Freakout! Early bird price...

    Anybody need 2 tickets to Destiny's Freakout at the Sound Academy on Saturday, I have two for sale at the Early Bird Price .. So $25 plus service charge $3 contact me @ ritika88@gmail.com.
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    Planning a trip to Italy – what can you tell me?

    Italia I'd definately say Florence has the most modern culture. Rome and Venice are beautiful of course, but there's not much of a nightlife, and its a lot of tourists and cobblestone. But florence, the markets in florence are amazing. You can buy everything, or just wander. And guaranteed...
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    Drinking joins smoking as cancer risk... noooooooooooooooooooo!

    everything causes cancer. but what they don't tell you is that eating fruit can help cure it ;) ok not really, but it helps to reduce the oxidative stress in your body. guess what the number one cause of mutations in your DNA is... there you go. enjoy. drink lots
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    Toronto, One of 3 cities opening a heroin clinic

    IGNORANCE IS RAMPANT We have two options when dealing with this type of situation. The european route which has been going for a long time: treats drug addiction as a mental illness. Its a problem. Many addicts are addicted because they are incapable of quitting. Not to mention the...
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    Cleansing Your System

    ps. im sure you were kidding anyway right heh
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    Cleansing Your System

    germs yes it does kill. unfortunately a detox isnt to get rid of germs...its to get rid of toxins, of which byproducts of alcohol detoxication is a potent example *sigh*
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    That's gonna go on your permanent record...

    sweet can i be on it? -tika
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    Cleansing Your System

    yeah your best bet is to get that green stuff.either wheatgrass or anything with spirulina in it. another good liver cleanser is to drink lots of hot water and lemon. raw fruits and veggies can help. another important element... STOP DRI NKING BEER i think thats my downfall. -tika
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    Who was cool in high school?

    PLUR Am I the only one who is confused by the PLUR response to this. Ok maybe Im more bitter than the rest of you but I thought this post was funny, and mostly true. Of course theres the exception to the rule, but I mean c'mon....I guess speaking the truth makes you angry. My high school...
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    Pot/Marijuana Appreciation

    you just discovered? what the fuck were you fiending on...i thought you were the one to tell us how to make it good. oh times have changed. -tika
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    The Official Tribe Drunk Thread

    Tekno snob Stupid drunk people annoy me. on the other hand, allie if you ever actually stopped drinking Id goto a trance party and it would actually be good. I'm never drunk. -tika
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    JEMZ: Happy "tweh-neh-neehnth!" birthday!!!!

    Happy Birthday to the best Om walking buddy. Last time I saw you, we were your girlfriends so we could go upstairs in the embassy to smoke. You're so smooth. I hope your birthday celebrations were messy. We should go get that beer soon. -tika
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    Fukhouse - Jun 4 - Footwork - Matthew Dear, etc.

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I love techno.
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    The Killers - Molson Ampitheatre

    ^^ Jamie. You rule :D
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    Hawtpants @ Kabin

    Two words. Crappy setup. We walked in and the sound was piercing and not in that nice way. in that ear covering turn down those damn highs and level out the mids way. Sound sucked. And after 4 different needles still no relief from the incessant skipping. I feel for the promoters...