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    Most hardcore, most underground, sexually deviant place in Toronto with good Goa

    Haha someone sent me this thread link on fb They exist
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    Can you make the i d rinx number a sticky?

    I think the # has changed. It was off for the first time in 10 yrs this weekend
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    Atomic Hooligan @ that place

    i always find the best room to be the Skyy everytime i go to circa.. this time was no exception.. in fct it was one of the best times yet. Mickey D and Atomic Hooligan both droped atomic bombs on that place i danced so hard my jeans split right down the front of my whole leg.. HAHA...
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    adam freeland @ Footwork

    i had an awesome time! mickey d and adam freeland were definately highlights! thanks to whoever brought in freeland. good job.
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    full moon party @ cherry beach with stacey pullen

    if anyone knows Michelle (she has a 3/4 yr old named Sage) pls let her know that my daughter Lillee has found Sage's black sandals he lost.. she was trying to find him to give em back , but to no avail.. otherwise.. SIIIIICK PARTY!!!
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    Comfort Zone raided this morning...

    True.. but only 4 of them.. and they only asked a few questions and left.. thankfully.. am i in the USA ??
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    samuel L Session @ Blak...

    what he said ^
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    Comfort Zone raided this morning...

    LOL!! that review is funnyin many ways... Hipster Scum ?? since when were hipsters "scum"? and the dj's they list as "solid talent" "Freedom Danish, Indica, Atomic Babies, Barbi, Matt Sims, and Joe Rowe" that was like.. ONE weeks lineups.. haha what about artists like : DAVE the...
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    Comfort Zone raided this morning...

    uhm..i`m not a biker nor is my brother... and we dont really have any competition cuz we dont even WANT that crowd.. i posted this on facebook but i will also do so here. Ok..so by now everyone has heard about the ill-fate of certain patrons to popular afterhours venue The Comfort Zone...
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    german trance

    thanks.. glad someone liked it..
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    german trance

    but yeh.. try that website.. they also post events.
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    german trance

    try germantrance.com i have a release with SAM PUNK on that label as well.. (shameless self promotion) called FREAKOUT 2007.. a track we did for the Destiny party...
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    You know.. its been a while..

    LOL..very true.. these all ages "rave" thingys have totally sucked up my life.. i never get to go anywhere but wherever i am djng.. must get out to more of the "techno" events soon.. hopefuly i can make it to see Switch ..after Analog Pussy of course..
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    You know.. its been a while..

    funy u mention the programming cuz all 3 of the mixes i posted lately were recorded completely OFF-THE-CUFF.. so to speak.. lke.. basically sat down..and started grabbing records.. no preselection.