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    Wordpress ninjas with Thesis experience

    Believe it
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    Wordpress ninjas with Thesis experience

    Tribers, Haven't reached out to the community in a while but I'm certain their are some folks on here that could help. Anyone doing freelance work developing Custom Wordpress sites? Hit me up. Ryan Thompson ryan@carchat24.ca
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    Vestax VCI-3000 ITCH SERATO

    Sold.. thanks.
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    Wanted: Wordpress designer with Thesis experience

    ATTN tribers: I am looking for a Wordpress designer that has some advanced experience with Thesis. Looking to set up a custom blog that is devoted to the Canadian Auto Dealer industry. I'm located downtown and would actually rather work with someone who is free lance /self employed vs. BIG...
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    Vestax VCI-3000 ITCH SERATO

    Price Drop $550.00. It s actually the "300" not the "3000". Thanks
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    Vestax VCI-3000 ITCH SERATO

    I have this Itch sitting in my place for the last year or so and figured I should get rid of it. I have NEVER taken it out of my condo. I had though it would be great for mobile gigs but if I'm not playing at a bar (equipment is there) or at home (turntables) it is no good to me. Mint...
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    DJ Ghaleon - TreeHaus - Funky, Deep, Techy, House

    This is good stuff Ryan!! Promoters should book this guy if you want a 110% on the decks and the promoting side of things!!!
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    need a door person for tonight (college st bar)

    Tribe nation, This is super late notice but my door person just cancelled. I need door person for College Street Bar. $75.00 1030- 130 sat june.26th text ryan @647.402.6447
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    Bounce by the Lake: dj sets from the jam: Gleeson&Sage, Loopities, Mes, Craw Amay,..

    Rich nice work writing out the track list including Todd's parts. You are a machine mang
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    wordpress designer -seo expertise

    Hello, I do some consulting for some automtive dealerships across Canada. I'm pretty knowledgeable with wordpress but need some design/seo help. My clients are looking to develop some specific micro sites. If microsites/wordpress/seo is your passion let's connect. I'm located in...
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    $200 6 month old Ikea Couch

    Selling a couch for my girlfriend. We are moving in together and she literally parked her ass on this thing maybe 10 times. It is your classic Ikea $400 couch. Only 6 months old and letting it go for $200. I can send you pictures. email ryan@carchat24.ca or phone 647.402.6447
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    wordpress for SEO

    Hello, Anyone know if there are any courses or experts that will provide training to learn the ins and outs of Wordpress. I want to develop some microsites for potential clients and have a good understanding of SEO. email ryant@strathcom.com
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    3 Deck Megamix: Rich Hope - Casino Queen

    you are a machine!!!!! loves it
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    Alex Skillings_Bubble Bath Sessions (noice)

    Here is a great mix by my dj partner in crime Alex Skillings. Something a little different (no buzzsaws or bleep bloops). Slower tempo but some candy to the ears. Check him out Bi-Weekly Fridays at "Extra Dry" @ College Street Bar Tracklist: 1) George Benson - Breezin' 2) Cantoma -...