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  1. djfear

    What the hell are you listening to?

    Been listening to a lot of amapiano lately. South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana etc have been banging out some amazing music the last few years... or at least it's blown up huge.
  2. djfear

    What are you doing to prepare for the coronavirus??

    Fuck I just saw this. He would always sell me chaunsa mangos. :( RIP.
  3. djfear

    That 15 page William B. Taylor letter is amazing.

    That was a very insightful letter.
  4. djfear

    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    That one.
  5. djfear

    Saudi Arabia

    A contractor friend at work is going to Saudi for the hajj this month... I wonder how that will pan out? Hopefully he can still go and enjoy it!
  6. djfear

    Good Authentic Pizza in Toronto

    Double D's | Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Toronto Ontario Descendant – Detroit Style Pizza
  7. djfear

    Who is your licensed marijuana producer and why?

    Random note: There's a coffee shop around Front & BlueJay Way that has $1 espressos. It's called Cannabis & Coffee. Cheapest (delicious) coffee in the city as far as I'm concerned. Also they plan to put CBD in their coffee when it's legal.
  8. djfear

    rate of inflation

    monthly rock climbing gym membership went from $60 to $80 in the beginning of the year "because of the minimum wage increase".
  9. djfear

    Super duper techno review.

  10. djfear

    Pimp Your Ride: The officious car thread for gear heads

    Holy crap this forum / thread is quiet. Finally grabbing a whip (car) and a ride (motorcycle) most likely this month. Looking at v8 audi s5s at the moment.
  11. djfear

    Super duper techno review.

    Where can you go to listen to some good acid / hard techno these days?
  12. djfear

    Pot/Marijuana Appreciation

    The Ontario liberal government is going to fuck up the legalization of cannabis. Sigh... This isn't going to change anything.
  13. djfear

    Roommate question. Am I being unreasonable?

    Jeffsus, you already know what to do. February is more than enough notice. You can kick him out pretty much anytime since he's renting a room from you and not a separate space. If it's ruining your enjoyment of your own home then fuck it. Also, congrats on cutting out the substances.
  14. djfear

    Equifax Hack = pure fuckery

    Don't know what will destroy more lives... Imra & Harvey combined, or this hack?
  15. djfear


    I just saw it in regular format at imagine cinemas (rainbow st lawrence theatre). I was waiting for the movie for a while so here's my review: