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    CRUSH time !!

    I got a little something for this honey that works at a Tim Hortons... but i have no idea how to approach her? She's always hella busy and only works there part-time:/
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    Living in a small town or rural area

    I live in Wingham, Ontario... And moved out here almost 2 years ago! Needless to say, i just gave my notice and am coming back to Toronto finally... Kinda lost my mind out here, a bit, thats for sure... Not much to do, and being a minority just 2 hours out of the city is a whole new...
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    Im all over this as well!!! Or at least one of my radio stations are! MOVEMBER Wrap Up Party - 94.5 The Bull Pics from last Movember and our party --> Photos : Movember and the Afterparty at Gables in Grand Bend - 94.5 The Bull Notice how each jock looks more like a pedophile as the...
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    Can anyone recommend???

    Yeah i know this should be in the jobs forum... But i wanted to get a quick response, if possible! Plus, im sure im not the only one in this position within these economic times! Im looking for a couple of good headhunters in Toronto, any recommedations? Been running a cluster of radio...
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    CRUSH time !!

    In Blyth Ontario???
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    NYE resto-lounges/supper clubs

    Chic Chinoise 214 King St Across from Roy Thompson Hall
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    WTB - Turntable Flight Cases

    I need to pick up a pair of Flight Cases this weekend... Anyone got a pair or a single one for sale??? I missed out on the post earlier this week... damn!!! Nonetheless PM me if you have em to spare... thx
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    FS: 2 turntable flight cases

    check your inbox
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    What's you're best visiting DJ/diva drama story

    Haha... I was at this one!!! Rectangle was trippin and we almost jumped him in the booth... He got upstaged by my boy Jr-Flo, and he was pissed... for no reason really! Shit, we had never met him before, but used his scratch rekkeds coming up... I totally forgot about this night!!! He...
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    Steven Truscott to get $6.5M for wrongful conviction

    and there is a BIG play about it just outside of that town... its definitely gonna be sold out http://www.blythfestival.com/plays.php?ID=41
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    LF: Turntable Flight Cases

    I need a pair of flight cases for my 1200's Preferably used PM me if youve got em for sale thx...
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    Paris Hilton Storms Yonge Street Porno Store!

    What about Hotel Waverly? Toronto's Finest!
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    Kingston suggestions?

    go to the kingston disney world castle... just outside of frontenac mall!
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    Help - lookin to buy a used mac

    Thx y'all... im about to hit them up!
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    Help - lookin to buy a used mac

    thats craaaazy!