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    RIP Kenny Quinn aka pr0nstar on TRIBE.

    RIP Kenny. :( My heart goes out to your family. You fought a strong fight.
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    Tribe BBQ

    That was fun! One of my favourite things to do during the summer is the Tribe BBQ. Always amazing seeing some old faces and meeting some new ones. My wife and baby Olive had the best time. Thanks to Alex and Toby for running things! Thanks James! I went digging in my crates for some old...
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    **Huge Closet Sale!! Ladies Clothing, Shoes and Accessories!**

    Right .. girlfriend. Is this why you never showed me what was in your closet Rob?
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    Garmin 265w GPS

    Hi, I'm selling my Garmin 265W GPS because my new car has built in navigation. Includes car charger, gps unit and window suction mount. $60
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    Bluetooth Speakerphone for car

    I'm selling my 1 year old Blueant Supertooth 3. The reason I'm selling it is that my new car has bluetooth for my phone. Includes speaker, 2 visor attachments and car charger. Here are some specs and reviews. Buy the BlueAnt Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Speaker Black at TigerDirect.ca...
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    TRIBE BBQ 13 - Rainstorm!

    Fun times indeed. Wife and baby enjoyed the day on the Island. Good thing we are meat eaters again as both bacon were excellent. Thanks for having me play again Alex!
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    iPod + Phone = iPhone

    My 3GS is hurting and really slow these days. My wife's Iphone 4 has way better reception in our condo and it opens apps so quickly compared to mine. Need a new phone soooooon. When is the 4S coming out?
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    Happy Birthday Klubmasta Will

    Happy belated Will! I didn't even know when we spoke the other day. Hope to see you and the wife soon.
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    FS: Dsl Modem Speedtouch ST516

    SOLD! Now Louie's is still for sale!
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    FS: Dsl Modem Speedtouch ST516

    Get your own thread Louie! ;)
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    FS: Dsl Modem Speedtouch ST516

    I just switched to Teksavvy's cable service. This is up for grabs. Here are the specs http://www.speedtouch.ca/pdf/Datasheet_516v6.pdf $25
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    Cable vs dsl

    Now that telsavvy is offering cable I'm thinking of switching over from their dsl. I live in a condo building, so will I notice any improvements in speeds?
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    These Ops, they are black!

    I'm having issues joining my friend's parties or games. Anyone else?
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    Happy Birthday and Congrats to Red Turtle and Missus Turtle !!!

    Thanks guys! We're quite excited for the new addition. Looking forward to being parents.