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    Syzygy: Mercury

    ok, well, you guys should know at this point of spring or summer or what ever it is, all you need it air circulation... some good massive fans pumping air from out side would have done just fine, the cost would have been no more than 600 bucks and people would have been happy. In the heart of...
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    Sound Clash 2 @ Digital

    ok, i didnt go due to my own problems but it seems that this one was much better done. I feel from peoples reactions were much more kewl and that the promoters did a very good job. Props to soundclash
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    Syzygy: Mercury

    well, you have all come to digital fun, if all the shit didnt happen, it would have been a better party
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    Renegades 4 Year @Digital

    solid sorta party, no complaints... everything turned out nicely. nice venue change!
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    Darren J at Turbo

    yup, the brazil tune was heard and darren was good.
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    How was Big Bud's Chronic?

    Wasnt bad, had good time, 19+ was nice b/c its sorta a system of cleaning out young crack heads and music was really good. I actually liked the 19+ more b/c i could watch the dj and his reactions to us when he put a nice track on. I could actutally rate all the dj's in the room but i am really...
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    SERENITY @Opera House

    fuck, such long reviews. Lets just say this shit was done right!
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    Connected: booyaaaa bassssssss!!!!!!

    Well, what can i say. First off i already had a pretty good idea of what things would be like. First thing i was thinking was it was going to be back 2 back. In the end it wasnt that bad Lets start with the 19+ area: Great people and nice crowd. Connected had the whole custom projection that...
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    Destiny 37

    i wasnt complaining about destiny at all, i was complaining about police and ontario place security.
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    Destiny 37

    now, i have a few problems with these guys all the time. It seems when i am doing things that are not illegal and i get busted and when i do things that are illegal, no one bothers me. D37 was a prime example. I had a few extra tickets and also some guy sold me his for 10 bucks each and so i was...
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    BIG BUD 4 Year!!!

    worst night in long time.... Had to wait 2 hours for my buddies to show up b/c i had there tickets and i told them i would give it to em before but they were like "no we will get it when we are there from ya"... so thats ok and i wait and its fuckin cold outside and i am there looking at this...
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    BIG BUD 4 Year!!!

    we gots to find a new venue for this shit.
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    Purple Good Times

    yup, good party
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    Purple Good Times

    fun!, so much fun, lost my flashlight though b/c i was drunk.
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    Wintergalactic 2001

    no complaints here, except alot of people, but i managed! too bad i had to pay 3 bucks for a big extra!