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    Happy Birthday DJ Kwe (Crystal) !!

    rise above with love... ...DJ KWE's Wax Warriors will now be aired on Saturday nights too...two nights of music to soothe your soul, only on AVR... BTW...I had a great birthday and I would like to thank each and EVERYONE of you for inspiring me...and I mean absolutely everyone!...can't...
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    Happy Birthday DJ Kwe (Crystal) !!

    dedicated to those who dare to dream and hope to love...thanks everyone! I'm going to follow my heart and lead with my soul... There was once a time when "friendship was unconditional", she said, There was once a time when "music was the answer", he said, There was once a time when "women...
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    $5 to see Fred w/ some nice techno WHAT!!!

    ummm...k, this thread is better...shakes head can't wait ;)...and don't forget to show your desire for the music that is hotter than fire!
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    Something about (Fred) EVERYTHING

    thanks Ian...;) oops...double the pleasure I suppose... I guess I'll be deleted very soon...crawls back inside the computer...where am I again? lol
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    Something about (Fred) EVERYTHING

    so, who's up for some deepness, techness and all around funky bizness?! It's Fred Everything in the BAU-house and I'm THERE! Pre-drinks? ;)
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    The Special Blend - Canadian Mix

    **See you tonight Bill...I'll have flyers for you too...and a special surprise** mwah!
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    400 deep/funky/tech/minimal/classic house records for sale

    do I need to tell you what I need? same as before...a certain record special for me...with a certain special homegrown track...KWE style...uhhuh...that's what I remember...lol ;)
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    Happy Birthday Operator!

    ...may the sun shine down on you and warm you with light, ...may the rain drop down on you and drench you with delight, ...may the earth be inviting and protect you with her skin, ...may the creator be understanding and always look within, ...may the love and loyalty your friends give to...
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    I want a bike.

    No you don't...you need a chauffeur...where's that boxer of yours! ;)
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    Free Mixed Cd: "Bumpin 4"

    Do you mean that you'll be wacking along with great dj's? lol and yes...the line up is solid! Happy Birthday Kelly!
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    The Special Blend - Canadian Mix

    Nice job Bill...keep reachin...are you still doing Apothecary on Fridays? I'd like to come and see you!
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    Free Mixed Cd: "Bumpin 4"

    an extension of you... there were 4 of us crusin da hood and my friend put your cd in the cd player as I gave it to him as a gift of music...we loved your cd! Mike...I always believe that our cds are an extension of us...so let me tell you...you got some refined technique bottled up in that...
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    New Mix "That Feelin"

    you deserve it... Lee...I know you're in Miami right now having the time of your life...just wanted to let you know that you are a special homegrown soul...and now your cd will speak for itself...way to raise the bar in your life and stay true to yourself...have the most fun ever! and get home...
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    4 Play : Opening Night

    what about the music, lol? and when is the next party? ;)
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    Gospel House

    mad joints singin praise! SO MUCH GOSPEL HERE krisssstine...lol we have church, self-help, garage like gospel, diva gospel, barry white gospel (sounds like him)...lol...tons and tons...;) didn't see any king st here...I can hook you up with someone here and you can get whatever you want...