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    2015 TFC Tickets for sale

    Home opener also up for grabs. Sunday May 10th vs Houston.
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    Japan get fastest train in the world, we have to wait until June for Union-Pearson shuttle

    Let's start a petition to change the names of Weston, Bloor-Dundas, and Union stations to North Haverbrook, Ogdenville, and Brockway respectfully.
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    2015 TFC Tickets for sale

    Hey Tribe... We've been good to each other in the past - let's see if the magic continues: Day Date Time Vs Season Wednesday 5/13/2015 TBD Montreal Champions League Saturday 5/30/2015 5:00 PM San Jose...
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    2 x Kids in the Hall tickets - Sat April 25th $100

    Hey Tribe - bought pretty good seats to see the Kids in the Hall this Saturday April 25 at the Danforth Music Hall. It's the 10 pm show - Orchestra Row M. Forgot we had a wedding to go to so can't make it. Ticket price is $117, selling for $100 obo. pm or reply Thanks for look'n, good...
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    Is it the right time for a 4K UHD TV?

    The content may come, but I've already heard of 6k and 8k TVs being on the market, so who knows. As for quality, there's a definite difference when viewed side by side. Quite stunning actually. It's almost like comparing a standard def to 1080p.
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    Is it the right time for a 4K UHD TV?

    I bought an LG 40" 4k 120hz tv from Costco for $599 around Black Friday. Given that it's marginally more expensive than a regular HDTV, I figured that decent 4k will be better than a good HDTV. So far no complaints except that it's a bit too small. I have until late Feb to return it so I'm...
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    Driverless cars

    I love to drive, but I love the idea of driverless cars, or maybe the fantasy of it. I think about road trips with friends were you can have fun the whole way down and back; no more DD; sleep a little longer on the way to work; driving back from Harvest!! I like to think of it as having my own...
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    Facts about your Ontario Beer Store

    The prices at the LCBO & Beer Store are generally high relative to the rest of the world, but the bigger issue is selection and accessibility. Plus we generally pay more for things in Canada, an this would (arguably) extend to booze as well - although I still wonder why I can by 500ml of great...
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    Merry Christmas TRIBE 2014!!!!

    I always thought Jesus was a little wiener.
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    HDTV buying help

    Just picked up a 40" 4k LG 120hz for $599 from Costco on Black Friday. So far so good.
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    Free Rear-Projection HDTV

    So I'm jumping on the "flatscreen" bandwagon and as soon as my new 4k is delivered I will have no need for my current tv: 30" Samsung Taunts Remote included Stand included this is what it looks like (same stand too): Still in great condition, will probably last another 10 years...
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    TFC Tickets

    pm sent
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    TFC Tickets

    I just came in to post for them! Sorry, didn't see your post until now... Will send you a PM. The last tickets went up in smoke... Shame too. Was 25 degrees and TFC came from behind to win 3-2 in the last minutes. d
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    Movement Festival 2015

    In! VIPs booked. Sucks that they keep on raising the prices, and we even had to pay $5/ticket for will call just cause we're international. Their reasoning was that they need to staff more people at the will call for us... What BS. Whatevs, I'll forget all about it come May. d
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    The Travel Thread

    The bonus of Panama is that there are direct flights for pretty reasonable prices, but then it may take you an extra day to travel throughout the country. If it's beach what you want, then I know you can get some great deals (all inclusive packages) with very limited travel. Just going on what...