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    Robert Downey Jr's next role - Black Man

    he looks like don cheadle
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    TO clothing store suggestions

    Grrrreat Stuff on Queen beside the w edge of trinity bellwoods is slept on in these parts.
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    Rob Ford does it again

    with the modern belief in individualism, to cover all your bases when making comments regarding an ethnicity you have to be as specific as possible about the origin of the individual or group your are referring to in order to avoid any allegations of cultural insensitivity: e.g. Did Mr. Ford...
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    [[...snowboarding 2007/2008...]]

    Fak I got nothing done workwise today, I knew going to Blue would have been a better use of time Taking a newly transplanted Calgarian up there Saturday for an aft/eve session, he's stoked because the forecast looks good, he's going to be so disappointed when we get there, not because of Blue...
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    [[...snowboarding 2007/2008...]]

    sorry about that, try again
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    Cops in cruisers f'ing around with drivers

    great timing for this thread....sat aft on the DVP north, slow but moving, I got on at bloor, this copcar with 2 flatfeet charged up the entry lane after every onramp, hit the brakes right where the lane ended and then forced its way left into the right lane...happened at Don...
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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    Falcon Chair! That is one scary-azz ride right there for real
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    10000 Bc

    yay finally a real oxymoron
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    BIG FIRE on Queen St. West @ Bathurst.

    Finally viewing the site live yesterday I can't help feeling that the fire did not consume a quantity of building that justifies the reaction that I'm seeing on this board and in the media, it was a good sized fire obviously but I expected it to have destroyed from the Reverb to the parking lot...
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    [[...snowboarding 2007/2008...]]

    killer pics smooth and hilarious vid! Looks like a wicked time, thanks for sharing.
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    Will Smith - Miami

    That was some solid gold funk right there, takin you back to 82!
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    Will Smith - Miami

    killer track and great choreography!
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    Renting a car

    You're going to LOVE Panorama, you need a few days just to explore the whole mountain, but yeah if you're there for a week some side trips to other nearby hills is a great idea
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    Last month's rent...

    if a friend takes over the place just get them to pay you for the months you've already covered
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    [[...snowboarding 2007/2008...]]