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    The Chinese are Monsters

    Drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit True story, bro
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    How many people still post here?

    I still lurk from time to time & rarely post.
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    Events that get out an "older crowd"?

    i've always had good times at promise parties. no sketched out kiddies; just proper party ppl w/ proper party manners. great vibes, smiling faces, bouncin' beats...thumbs up/recommended :)
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    witnessing traumatic events

    Was 1st responder on a car accident while riding in Northern Ontario. T-boned, B-pillar crumpled way in on passenger side, victim’s scalp peeled away from their skull like a sardine can. Shattered safety glass everywhere. Victim’s pupils non-responsive, pattern breathing. Established clear...
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    SHUT OFF at the beer store

    Takashi Miike surreality meets The Lost Weekend at times, sometimes w/ frikken laser blue eyes
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    Traffic question

    first person outta the vehicle w/ a weapon has right of way unless they are defeated in battle.
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    grade 6 math teachers can't teach grade 6 math ?

    those who can, do those who can't, teach those who can't teach teach gym those who can't teach gym become guidance counsellors
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    The Chinese are Monsters

    Death sentence for killing a toddler in a dispute over a parking space Beijing Court Sentences Man to Death for Killing Toddler Over Parking Space | TIME.com
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    Krampus: the other Christmas dude

    A few years ago, my wife D & I were walking around the pedestrian shopping/town square area in Munich at the height of the Krampus season; a number of Krampus were out, doing their thing. Not familiar w/ the tradition, & feeling pretty shmammered from mulled wine on offer by vendors in the area...
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    Yo Klubmasta Will

    moderator posts directed at a sum total of 1 Triber: when pm's just won't cut it! lol
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    tv commercial for? (ever thought abt picking up some of that $?)

    i could have sworn the one i saw was w/ whitey rapper, but it's spot on* thx :) * (version confusion aside)
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    tv commercial for? (ever thought abt picking up some of that $?)

    sometime in the past year or 2? and nope, the fallon 1 ain't it.
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    tv commercial for? (ever thought abt picking up some of that $?)

    in the commercial, this white rapper guy makes it rain, & his accountant says something like "have u ever thought abt picking up some of that money up?" and rapper is like "hmmm" (chin scratch) does anybody remember what that was a commercial *for*? if so, link?
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    and death

    “They think it’s not happening, the onset is also rather mild to start with, so they start taking more pills because they think that they got lower doses and they end up with more significant overdoses,” B.C.’s provincial health officer, Perry Kendall, said last week in a briefing to reporters...