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    [techno] The Winter Mix

    Here's another one just in time for this polar vortex: https://soundcloud.com/mattdublin/matt-dublin-february 1 Truncate Another One 2 Unknown Distorted View 3 Butch Delusion 4 Owen Sands Sphinx Principle 5 Mark Broom Nucleus 6 Artist SongTitle 7 DJ Hyperactive 25 Hours 8 KiNK...
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    [techno] The Winter Mix

    Pulled this together awhile back. Lots of different types of techno and hard house: https://soundcloud.com/mattdublin/matt-dublin-the-winter-mix
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    --->matt dublin - manhattan mix<---

    Oh ya - tracklist: Skream-Nefariousa Skream-Phat Head 501- Borderline The Others-Planet X Dubtek, Droid Sector & Boot- The Trancening (Sook Remix) Clare Maguire-Ain't Nobody (Breakage Remix) Amon Tobin-Surge (16Bit Remix) NastyNasty -Hydra Starkey-Blood Roses Royal T-Spend...
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    --->matt dublin - manhattan mix<---

    Here's a fun mix I recently recorded on the fly - came out decent imo. Enjoy: http://soundcloud.com/mattdublin/matt-dublin-dublinstep-2
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    Soundcloud Users

    Post a link to your soundcloud account here so we can check out your music :) here's mine: Matt Dublin Soundcloud
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    Wireless Internet Drop outs?

    cheers for the advice guys - I think the firmware update did it :)
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    Wireless Internet Drop outs?

    Here's a stupid question - I'm using a linksys wireless modem and every day I'm experiencing drop outs. When a drop-out occurs I unplug my router and linksys modem to reset and it seems to work fine (for a bit and then it happens again). I've searched online for solutions and I've tried...
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    *-*Matt Dublin - Mix for Swaybe [electro fidget breaky bass]*+*

    Back once again with anotha one of those block rockin' beats :) Matt Dublin - Mix for Swaybe Tracklist Beckers D-Nox - 19909 Tarska - Battery_Life Myagi - Smartbomb (Lazy Rich Remix) Oliver Twizt - Gangsterdam Kid Kola - Kappa Etienne De Crecy - Welcome Punk Rolla - Heart...
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    Most recognized Canadian DJ?

    Carlo Lio ftwk - touring with Dubfire all summer. Big things about to happen for sure!
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    ** robb g - jan 2010 promo mix **

    holy fucking exclusives batman!
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    Just Got Dumped - What do you want to hear?

    Don't you remember judge judy last night? Sometime shit happens and you need to get out and leave your dog and everything...
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    matt dublin - mojito mix [dubstep/grime]

    UPDATE: new link for download - too many downloads exceeded the bandwidth on the first link ;) grab it here: matt dublin - mojito mix.mp3
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    matt dublin - mojito mix [dubstep/grime]

    Check it: matt dublin - mojito mix.mp3 Track List 16bit - Swine Flu March Mellow - Reel Simple Vaski - murder RSK - Ah So Fresh Headhunter-3 mad ps Faithless - Sun To Me Emalkay Remix Deftones - Shove It Remix NumberNin6-Mosh 501 - Insanity 16 Bit - Funhouse Ted Buckfaster -...
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    Home Beautification and Home Renovation

    So I'm looking at redoing my kitchen - does anyone know a good place for granite or corian counter tops? Thanks in advance :)