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    Original Graffiti Work...

    art child and slon painting in front of our kensington store today...what an experience.
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    Projector - Epson LCD

    Excellent and basically new projector. Purchased to start small business, but had a baby instead. Perfect for small business presentations or watching big screen at home. Extremely light and quiet. Comes with carrying case, manual, all cables, software, remote (never used), lens cover and bulb...
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    The Youtube thread

    now really cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5JeBK2ZLSI
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    Raising your child genderless

    Interesting coming into this discussion at this point. My partner and I are expecting our first child in 11 weeks time. We have both talked at length about the perspective of raising a child in a "non-gender" environment. Even to the point of choosing an open name. We both feel that it is...
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    The meaning of life is good karma

    There is cause and effect. When we transcend the ego and begin to taste the experience of consciousness or self-awareness (which btw..is not just a meditative experience) we begin to see the space that exists beyond the perception of what we actually think we see. It is spirit or pure...
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    lower back pain & hip alignment

    Hi everybody! Great discussion. I really do appreciate everyone's opinions. However, I really take offence to the notion that an approach that focus' on emotions as a source of physical pain as being narrow-minded. I could not disagree any more. No matter what the cause or case for...
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    lower back pain & hip alignment

    hey blue...good stuff. i know there is so much resistance to looking at "wishy washy" stuff, but that is just the way society is. i would encourage you to ask a medical doctor what the relationships are between chronic pain and a "curved spine". in all my research over the past three years...
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    lower back pain & hip alignment

    sorry..i misposted in the thread..the website is tmshelp.com
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    lower back pain & hip alignment

    i think i mentioned that we were talking about "chronic" pain. i have been around this debate for years now...what you are saying is nothing new to me. of course, if you pull a muscle stepping off the street then you have an injury. do a google search on Tension Mytosis Syndrome. see...
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    lower back pain & hip alignment

    OK....i still don't know why you said it that way. I didn't mention that book because I "love" it. I mentioned it because there is pure evidence that knowledge is enough to alleviate the symptoms permanently. Read TMS.com if you know don't believe me. If someone just happens to be lurking on...
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    lower back pain & hip alignment

    what does that mean?
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    lower back pain & hip alignment

    whenever one of these threads come up, i shutter when i hear the advice that gets thrown around. little do you probably know that your advice could actually being doing more damage than you think. i am no doctor or healer but I am living proof in the power of the mind-body connection. i...
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    lower back pain & hip alignment

    pain is the best teacher. book : healing back pain dr.john sarno
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    R.I.P. Patsy

    So many childhood memories... Patsy, famous Toronto Zoo elephant, dies Jul. 25, 2006. 03:11 PM CURT RUSH STAFF REPORTER THESTAR.COM Patsy, the matriarch of the Toronto Zoo's elephant herd for 33 years, has died at the age of 40. Forty is fairly old for an elephant, Zoo CEO Calvin...
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    FS : Canon EOS 10D SLR

    Hi all, I have to give up my camera to feed an excessive writing binge I have been on lately. It is the impressive and one of kind Canon EOS 10D SLR. It was purchased one and a half years ago and used rarely to minimally and still in excellent shape. The price includes a Signa...