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Recent content by db

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    FS: Brand new Topfin 10 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit

    So make me an offer... ;)
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    FS: Pioneer DV-C505 5-disc DVD/CD changer

    Barely used, in great condition, original box. Looking for $40 OBO.
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    FS: Sylvania stainless steel microwave

    In great condition, looking for $40 OBO.
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    FS: Brand new Topfin 10 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit

    Like the title says, new, never used. Looking for $65 OBO.
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    FS: Dragon Full Tower ATX Case and Antec True Power 430w PS

    Up for grabs Dragon Full Tower ATX Case with an Antec True Power 430w power supply. Case is in good condition with a surface scratch on the front door. Power supply works great. Same as pic below but matte finish. $50 OBO
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    The Youtube thread

    Ok, I haven't been keeping current on music too much lately but this remix is RIDICULOUS! :D
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    FS: One Sunday ticket for Hillside Festival in Guelph

    Wife's sister bailed at the last minute so we've got one ticket up for grabs for Hillside today. Call 416.666.4432 if you're interested. Ticket price is $55.
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    FS: Roland U-20

    As the title says I'm selling a Roland U-20 61-key PCM synth. Unit is in excellent physical and functional condition. This is a rock solid keyboard and makes a great controller. I'm selling it because I have to downsize the studio and can't afford the space. For more info see...
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    FS: Aardvark LX6 PCI Audio Interface

    This never did make it to eBay and is still kicking around. Make me an offer I can't refuse! :)
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    For the Cyclists in Tribeland.

    Chromoly is a type of steel. Definitely older "tech" but still a great material for a bike, particularly for the intended use you described.
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    what kind of plant is this?

    Looks far more like a type of Jade (take a look at the stem structure particularily) than a Kalanchoe IMHO...and mature Jade plants flower in winter (exactly like the buds in your picture). Definitely *not* definitely a Kalanchoe. ;)
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    LF: Thinkpad AC Adapter

    You can get 3rd party adapters on ebay for really cheap -- I got one there for my T60 as probably 1/3 price of the factory replacement.
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    woah...claude vonstroke + derrick carter!

    ballz! I'd love to see Von Stroke but I'm out of town that weekend (and doing a half marathon the next day...) ...booo
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    Maxtor 160Gb IDE hard drives $45 each

    Do you have a RAID controller to support those as well?
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    .wav to .mp3 with sound forge

    Have used this to encode 1000s of CDs and mixes over the years: http://www.mgshareware.com/frmmain.shtml