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    Club TX Canada w Aaron Olson 27 Prog House/Trance

    Another month of music is upon us and as usual Aaron branched out into many different genre's of EDM smashing out some killer, pumping Electro, Trance, Progressive and Hard Dance for your loverly ears! Subscribe on iTUNES...
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    Club TX Canada with Aaron Olson 024 (Guest Mix Th1nk) Prog House/electro

    Another special guest mix and another special episode. This time Th1nk is in the mix. With smooth grooves, killer beats and intense transitions, this is a sure-fire, peak time set. Download, share and then share it again. Recently graduated from the DJ Certification course over at <a...
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    Club TX Canada with Aaron Olson 022 (Live @ Aubar 2013 04 27)

    Recorded live at Aubar Nite Club here in Vancouver, Canada, Aaron set out to destroy the dancefloor and accomplished just that. Featuring some of his favorite Progressive, Electro and Trance tunes plus a few of his own unreleased tracks as well. Huge thanks to Aubar for their continued support...
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    Aaron Olson feat. Sarah-Jane Neild - Walking on Fire (Prog Trance)

    Give a listen to below! https://soundcloud.com/aaron_olson/aaron-olson-feat-sarah-jane Hope you guys dig it!
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    Club TX Canada w Aaron Olson 020 (Guest mix Rx ROK)

    To celebrate the Episode 20 milestone, we've decided to get a special guest DJ to give up a set for you fine folks and this one is stellar! A little over 90 minutes with an impressive 63 track setlist, this has got to be one of Aaron's favorite mixes of the year! Seamlessly pitch-matched and...
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    Canada Trance - Mixed by Aaron Olson

    http://soundcloud.com/aaron_olson/canada-trance-mixed-by-aaron Tracklisting: 01. Jay Kay feat. Sarah-Jane - Feeling Flirty (Benjamin Leung & Jim Neild Remix)* 02. Simon Gain & Joey Seminara - Suri* 03. Mia Dahli - Need You Now (Kenneth Thomas Remix) 04. Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy -...
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    Club TX Canada with Aaron Olson 010 (Aug 2012)

    As Aaron's residency over on Trancendance with DJ Smiley Mike continues, he once again brings some stompers to the radio-waves! Working his way through some progressive, techno and even some hard electrik! Originally aired on July 1st over at CiTR Radio headquarters. Podbean...
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    Club TX Canada with Aaron Olson 009 (Jul 2012)

    Recorded live on CiTR Radio June 10th. Aaron celebrates a new monthly guest spot on Trancendance radio with DJ Smiley Mike and Caddyshack, here's the first mix and a bit of an interview! Tracklisting: 00. 5 Minute Interview 01. Aaron Olson - Equilibrium (Dislexik Remix) 02...
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    Club TX Canada with Aaron Olson 008 (Jun 2012)

    We're back this month with a special compiled mix. Richard Durand put together a mix competition for his world famous In Search of Sunrise series and this is Aaron's entry. A nice blend of Progressive House and techno that ends on that 'feel good' tip of Vocal Trance. We hope you enjoy it as...
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    Club TX Canada with Aaron Olson 007 May 2012

    Aaron's back this month with a mix that just won't quit! ALL progressive and tech-trance from start to finish. Original airing on Trancesound Sessions Radio it's now ready to get the Club TX treatment. 17 songs in a quick, 1 hour mix guarenteed to help start your night off right! If that's not...
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    Club TX Canada 006 April 2012 (SOMNA guest mix)

    Club TX Canada is the international radio show hosted by Canadian DJ and producer, Aaron Olson. Aaron has been writing and recording for various labels for the past 6 years and been a regular DJ in the Canadian circuit for 15 years. Mixing the latest in house, electro and trance in a monthly...
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    Club TX Canada w Aaron Olson (March 2012)

    Another month of madness is upon us, this time ALY ABJI is at the helm taking us on a journey through trance, progressive and techno. Recorded live at Gorg-O-Mish Nite Club in Vancouver, Canada, this is the perfect mix for you if you want to start your night off right! DOWNLOAD / STREAM...
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    Aaron Olson - Live @ Red Room (trance/tech-trance)

    Recorded live "Thank You Vancouver 2" @ Red Room Ultra Bar, Vancouver, BC DOWNLOAD/STREAM: http://clubtxcanada.podbean.com/ 01. Nick Sentience - Telepathy 02. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Eric Prydz Remix) 03. Ronald Van Gelderen - Embrace Me (Rank 1 Remix) 04...
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    Aaron Olson - Live @ Caprice Nite Club (Prog Trance)

    Merry Christmas world! This month's show is a stellar one consisting of majority of the progressive trance set I played at Caprice Nite Club, here in Vancouver, BC, alongside Alex MORPH! Fantastic show, fantastic crowd - I hope you dig this months podcast as much as I enjoyed playing it...
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    Aaron Olson - Live @ Doom's Nite Vancouver (Electro)

    Recorded live at Solid Event's massive Doom's Nite 2011 in Vancouver, Canada 00. Marilyn Manson - This is Halloween 01. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Alex Metric Remix) 02. Cut and Run - We Ran The Day 03. Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso - Calling 04. Cut and Run - Zelda 05. Micha...