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Recent content by Dar-C

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    Ive been to the last couple events they have thrown and was impressed all the way.... Great crowd and bumping tunes all night. Dar-C
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    Proper House Music By Dar-C

    Darcy Holt - House Labor Laws | Mixcloud
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    Movember Mix

    Darcy Holt - Mustache Ride Movember mix by Dar-C | Mixcloud
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    DJ's wanted : New night in Toronto @ BASSLINE

    Hey i would love to Play @ your event :) here's a house mic for everyone to enjoy Darcy Holt - House Labor Laws | Mixcloud Dj Dar-C
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    Electro/fidget house- Dj Andy Holtz - Discombobulated House

    Discombobulated House Mixed By Dj Andy Holtz 33 Tracks of the finest electro and fidget around Track listing 01) Get Up, Yeah! - HiJack . House Of Stank 02) I Am - Kelevra Remix, Morne Monroe 03) Spam Javelin , Stupid Fresh 04) Twist - Original Mix, Shab Ruffcut 05) Keep It Real -...